June 2022

Power consumption reduced by 4.2% : Intel optimized web page performance of generation 12 Core CPU

June 20, 2008 – Intel Core 12 generation processors for the first time bring a hybrid architecture to the desktop x86, consisting of eight performance cores and eight energy efficient cores for different workloads. This also introduces more complex CPU optimization issues, including web browsers. The average person spends 60 percent of their computer time … Read more

Which CPU should be selected for the same type of thin and light? The measurements were compared at 11300h and 5800h

In the same notebook COMPUTER CPU selection, choose which CPU is better, often we will compare. Today, from the lenovo Small New Pro 14 equipped with 11300H and 5800h two different processors as an example, comprehensive comparison of various configuration parameters, to see which 11300H and 5800H comparison of daily more practical, cost-effective. How to … Read more

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