ARM's CPU roadmap: Cortex-X4 and X5 supercores are coming in the next year or two

Last night, ARM released a new generation of CotreX-X3, A715 and A510 V2 processors, as well as Gpus such as Immortalis-G715, Mali-G715 and Mali-G615, collectively known as the TCS22 platform, which boasts a 28% increase in game performance and a 16% reduction in power consumption. Memory bandwidth requirements are also reduced by 23%.

However, in fact, the underlying architecture of this generation of ARM CPU and GPU has not been improved much, and the overall version is still optimized from last year. Moreover, the performance improvement data released by ARM is very confusing, and it is not clear whether it can change the current heating problem of X2/A710/A510.

ARM's CPU roadmap: Cortex-X4 and X5 supercores are coming in the next year or twoIn addition, ARM also announced the CPU roadmap for the next two years. There are no specific models yet, which are called TCS23 and TCS24 platforms.

For TSC23, the CXC23 is likely to be next year's Cortex-X3, and for 2024 the CXC24 is likely to be the Cortex-X5 supercore.

The large core will be codename Hunter Hunter, the successor to the A715 core. In 2024, the Chaberton will be named A720, A725.

Of interest is the small core. The current A510 was released in 2021. Last night, the A510 V2 was slightly modified and will be replaced next year and the year after by the Hayes architecture, possibly the A520 series.

In addition, the MULTI-core CPU interconnection architecture is still Hayden, also known as THE DSU-110 series. The common combination on mobile phones and tablets is 1+3+4 core, while the notebook can achieve up to 8+4+0 12-core architecture, and all 8 are super-cores.

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