1 thought on “How to find reliable front -end development engineers”

  1. 1. We must respect and fully recognize everyone. Everyone not only likes coding, but also likes innovation and user experience. Give everyone the opportunity to do innovation and implementation
    2, more bubble forums and add some groups, browse more blogs, know some front -end technology Lovers, introduce them in, now have Weibo and Zhihu, it is more convenient
    3, knowing some big cows, I believe who should know who is the front end, not just those evangelism, but the real real, but the real thing I really write code or do open source projects. Or recruit talents through these Daniel's recommendation
    4, school recruitment is also a very good channel. Although the students of the school recruitment are generally not familiar with JS/CSS/HTML, as long as they give them the opportunity to learn, it is very It will grow up
    5, development space, this is the most important. Which engineer is the same for which engineers, no matter the front end or the system development. What I currently lead is a R

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