April 2022

Can AMD processors match n card?

Can match, if it is pure play game I suggest iu+ N card, IU plus N card in the game frame number au+ N card, if it is playing games to do some video clips live and so on, you can consider AMD CPU. But AMD graphics card is really not recommended, first of all, … Read more

Why is the same performance of 8-core 16-thread cpus, Intel and AMD nearly 1000 poorer

This is a very complicated problem To put it simply: CPU performance is divided into single-core performance and multi-threading Single-core performance: Intel 500 points AMD400 points Multithreading: Intel 6000 AMD5000 As with video cards, the game mainly depends on single core score. In theory, when your video card is infinitely strong, the number of frames … Read more

AMD CPU development for many years, why can't like Intel put the pin on the motherboard, let the motherboard general?

Since when did LGA toothpaste manufacturers give you motherboards for use? Generation one interface, change U= change motherboard, has lasted for nearly ten years. On the contrary, PGA package AMD, AM4 ZEN architecture three generation motherboard upgrade BIOS can be changed to use, in addition to the entry level motherboard really do change U can … Read more

Are AMD cpu still bad?

Oneself have a little self-confidence good, what others say is what? I also think Intel high price low energy, the industry is the last (yes, the industry is two), not AMD I eight into now still using the iron simple and simple stupid nuclear display, the previous installation of the time three days two blue … Read more

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