Do AMD cpus hold less value than Intel? Why is that?

Yes, but it's not about branding, it's about performance and channel.

1. The main reason is that Wetel has controlled the lower-level agents in Mainland China for many years and established a perfect price system. As a result, CPU does not drop much. In addition, before The birth of Ryzen, the performance iteration of mainstream IU made little progress, which is also a secondary reason for iu's value preservation

AMD, as a late-mode-only company, has no strict control over the price system (which is an important means to rapidly expand the market rate). The downstream has more independent pricing power than IU, leading to n sellers on Taobao and one of the two major domestic general generation dog East can drive a car at a reduced price at any time, but this will also lead to AU does not maintain its value, cost performance is good for consumers, but the choice of cost performance is to accept all the cost performance

Do AMD cpus hold less value than Intel? Why is that

2. On the other hand, AU still has some shortcomings compared with IU. The simplest one is that AU cannot use 5G and IMC under the condition of availability. Intel is able to raise prices to remove inventory, love to buy not buy climb

One last guess: Where do the iu and AU recycled by the dealers go?

By the way, options for boxed/loose pieces/overseas boxes

Iu began to raise prices again this time, especially for the 9th generation. It is true that I raise prices to reduce inventory with my brother

First of all, if you are not very fond of toss and toss, it is suggested to buy loose pieces and overseas boxes, which are relatively cheap to buy. It is basically seconds to give second-hand to dealers, but loose pieces mean that most of them are thunder

Do AMD cpus hold less value than Intel? Why is that

If you want to open the cover, or have to choose loose pieces, first of all, most dealers do not recycle the liquid gold U to open the cover, followed by the basic open cover without protection

If you are a PCMR military aristocrat, I suggest you buy a box of original and overseas boxes, the chance of touching the big eagle is a few points higher than the scattered pieces, and leave the rest to the dealer.

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