CPU model

Why do I buy the CPU in a box

The core 12’s new architecture can be said to bring a significant increase in CPU performance, but there are still players who struggle with the loose chips and boxes when shopping for the product. What kind of CPU is right for you, let’s talk about two kinds of CPU packaging. In fact, as can be … Read more

What are the components of a CPU

The CPU consists of: First, the CPU core Structurally, the CPU core is divided into two parts: arithmetic unit and controller. (1) Arithmetic unit 1, Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) ALU mainly performs fixed-point arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), logical operations (and or not xOR) and shift operations on binary data. In some … Read more

How does the CPU know the code?

We often hear technology stories about how many billion transistors a so-and-so chip is made of. Yes, THE CPU is a large scale integrated circuit, by the number of super many transistors, and the transistor only “on” and “off” two states, just can use “0” and “1” to represent these two states, so the CPU … Read more

AMD CPU development for many years, why can’t like Intel put the pin on the motherboard, let the motherboard general?

Since when did LGA toothpaste manufacturers give you motherboards for use? Generation one interface, change U= change motherboard, has lasted for nearly ten years. On the contrary, PGA package AMD, AM4 ZEN architecture three generation motherboard upgrade BIOS can be changed to use, in addition to the entry level motherboard really do change U can … Read more

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