Why do I buy the CPU in a box

The core 12's new architecture can be said to bring a significant increase in CPU performance, but there are still players who struggle with the loose chips and boxes when shopping for the product. What kind of CPU is right for you, let's talk about two kinds of CPU packaging.

In fact, as can be seen from the name, the CPU in the box is a single product with its own independent packaging, while the loose pieces are not independent packaging, and the CPU that consumers buy is a plastic case added by the business.

Aside from packaging issues, boxed cpus enjoy an official 3-year warranty, while bulk chips generally only have a store warranty of a few months or so, and are not guaranteed if the store closes. Boxed cpus don't have to worry about that.

Some businessmen in order to take the goods will be boxed better propaganda, but no matter how to say, both are actually come from the same production line manufacturing, boxes of the CPU is CPU manufacturers as a retail goods sales in the market, to provide the official quality assurance, and pieces are CPU manufacturers as a component supply OEM, basically is from OEM, No official warranty.

Since loose chips and boxed products are the same, and loose chips are much cheaper, isn't it better to buy loose chips? It's not.

Because the overclocked performance of each CPU is different, which is often referred to as "constitution", and the dealers who sell chips can test the performance of each CPU, the chips we buy are almost always left over. Boxed cpus are not so finely screened, so the overall overclocked potential is better.

Why do I buy the CPU in a box

However, for most users, the CPU will not be overclocked, so there is no physical issue involved, but I still recommend you buy the boxed product for three reasons.

The first is that prices can be lower. Loose relative to the biggest advantage of box is low price, but players buy CPU often to match the motherboard, and buy box board U set generally can be cheaper than single buy many, equivalent to loose pieces can even be cheaper.

The second is the attached radiator. AMD CPU and Intel without K CPU box will be attached with a radiator, although there is no light effect, heat dissipation capacity is not very strong, but for the user is not high requirements or competent heat dissipation requirements, can also save the money to buy a separate radiator.

Again is after - sale guarantee. Box CPU provides 3 years of warranty, when the processor problems can be replaced, and loose pieces need to deal with the business, not only short warranty time, and warranty time and effort, no matter the business run or freight disputes, problems are easy to suffer losses.

Finally, we should remind you that the purchase of CPU or to choose regular channels, to avoid the business will be scattered and even second-hand CPU repackaging disguised as a box to sell to you, out of the problem only to find no warranty, as well as false CPU cover, let you spend the money of I7 to buy i3, there is bitter to say not to export.

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