The trailer chassis also needs careful care, the maintenance of these four systems is essential

The chassis is the basis of the overall shape of the vehicle. It provides driving, steering and braking power for the use of the vehicle and ensures the normal running of the vehicle. In vehicle maintenance, chassis is also an essential part. Especially for owners who have not been treated with rust prevention, Semi Trailer Manufacturers remind them that chassis maintenance should be done correctly.

In terms of structure, the vehicle chassis is mainly divided into four major systems:

1. Transmission system: mainly includes clutch, transmission, universal transmission, main reducer, differential and half shaft, etc.

2, driving system: axle, frame, suspension, wheels, etc.

3, steering system: steering wheel, steering shaft, steering string, etc.

4. Braking system: mainly composed of energy supply device, control device, transmission device and brake.

482386448a1e543c522a2b6f25d86cbbOrdinary maintenance needs to start from the above four systems:

1. Transmission system

Transmission system maintenance, first of all, check the variable speed oil tank, check the oil quality and oil level, if there is a shift, need to replace or add in time.

Note that the transmission bearing also needs to add lubricating oil.

In the process of maintenance, it is also necessary to check whether the dust jacket is damaged. If there is damage, it should be replaced in time.

Check the oil quality and oil level of the reducer, and add and replace it in a proper amount to make it in a closed state to avoid oil leakage.

In the process of seasonal maintenance, especially in winter and summer, the use of oil is not the same, and special attention should be paid to the oil concentration. In general, the viscosity of oil will shift with temperature. Try to choose oil with lower viscosity in winter and oil with higher viscosity in summer, so as to make the engine use more smoothly.

It is worth noting that when refueling the vehicle in winter and summer, it is also necessary to control the amount of oil. When the oil alarm light or oil pressure gauge is bright, it should find a suitable location to stop and check the amount of oil. If the amount of oil is insufficient, it needs to be added in time. Pay attention to adding the correct oil according to the model of the car, do not add mixed, so as not to leave a large amount of mixed liquid in the gasoline tank, forming carbon deposition.

2. Driving system

​need to check whether the hub bearing tightness is appropriate, the front wheel positioning is accurate, tire pressure is in line with the standard.

Hub bearing is overly tight, will increase the friction of wheel rotation; ​too loose in the driving wheel is easy to skew or sway. It is recommended that the owners regularly go to the professional maintenance shop to check and adjust the tightness of the wheel hub to maintain the best condition of the wheel rim.

Wheel alignment can ensure the vehicle wheel is in a state of pure roll, maintain the vehicle's driving stability and steering portability. If the front wheel position is not accurate, easy to cause the vehicle to use the front wheel rolling slip, improve the wheel wear, increased with the frictional resistance of the ground vehicle, slide lead to poor performance, fuel consumption increase. The owner can go to the professional repair shop at ordinary times for four wheel positioning.

The air pressure of the tire is best adjusted in time according to the weather and road conditions.

3. Steering system

Steering fluid is frequently in the continuous extreme pressure and elevated temperature working environment, easy to appear pollution deterioration and loss of lubrication performance, the generation of paint film and other sediments, resulting in vehicle steering difficulties, steering wheel trembling, etc. If the sediment can not be removed regularly, it is easy to cause damage to the hydraulic oil pump in the system, resulting in elevated maintenance costs.

The maintenance of the steering system mainly includes the following points:

When driving on pothole road surface, slow down and reduce the load of steering machine;

​check the state of dust jacket once a month, such as found that the jacket damaged phenomenon must be replaced immediately, and before the replacement of the direction machine to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance;

​in the four-wheel positioning adjustment before the bundle, adjust the steering tie rod, special attention should be paid to the protective sleeve can not appear distortion, assembly is not in place, otherwise easy to cause damage to the sheath;

​every 100,000 kilometers or so should be a steering machine to do comprehensive maintenance, comprehensive cleaning, re-filling grease;

​steering machine use conditions are poor, under large load, must use special grease, ordinary grease can not meet the requirements of use;

Steering machine in the use of clearance will gradually increase. If the steering wheel left and right empty stroke more than 15 degrees, must be checked on the steering machine, such as rack and pinion abnormal wear is serious, must replace the steering machine assembly, if there is no abnormal wear, only the clearance is too large, can be adjusted.

4. Braking system

​Excellent braking performance is the guarantee of safe driving. If it is found that the vehicle has braking deviation or braking effect decreases, it must be timely to the maintenance point for maintenance or replacement. For the sake of safety, it is best to test the brake in advance before driving to ensure that there is no abnormality before starting.

Now the weather is turning cold. How to do the maintenance of the brake system?

Winter temperature is low, the sealing ring or cushion is tough, easy to lead to the contraction of the sealing pipe joint. Before the car must check the sealing of each joint of the gas road, it is best to touch one by one, and tighten or reinstall it in time.

Check the main engine dryer tank to make sure the main engine air source is dry and damp free.

The winter temperature is mostly below zero, the gas is easy to produce water beads, so the main car and trailer air storage tank need to be regularly drained to ensure that the brakes use dry gas. If the water is not released in time, the humid gas inside the cylinder is easy to enter the valve body, and when the temperature is lower than zero, it will freeze, leading to the death of the piston and affecting the braking performance.

ABS is connected to multiple sensor connectors, so it is necessary to check and maintain each sensor connector. At the same time, ABS ring gear should be regularly removed and cleaned to ensure that the ring gear and probe sensing signal is excellent, no putty joint.

In order to ensure the stable braking performance of the trailer, in addition to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the braking system, the choice of a quality pass, stable performance of the axle is also extremely critical. The higher the quality of the axle, the more sensitive and reliable the braking performance, can provide a guarantee of driving safety in cold weather.

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