Are AMD cpu still bad?

Oneself have a little self-confidence good, what others say is what?

Are AMD cpu still bad?

I also think Intel high price low energy, the industry is the last (yes, the industry is two), not AMD I eight into now still using the iron simple and simple stupid nuclear display, the previous installation of the time three days two blue screen, the result asked the talent know system is a sand ghost, into the official website win10 after a lot of good, But sometimes you still get a blue screen of death. Ok, it’s not like it doesn’t work. As a result, I added a piece of graphics card and replaced a serious 550W power supply, so I don’t know what to do. Before buying iu book son to now card of one than, do I want to say Intel is rubbish? Who buys who’s stupid? The ash in oneself notebook can knead clay person in the heart have no point? The first thing you do when something goes wrong is you’re retarded.

Still have what foibles much this kind of view, if I take the book of IU before me often card dead say is IU also foibles much? I don’t want to see how many of my broken bones I have.

Are AMD cpu still bad?

Don’t argue about religion with a man of faith unless you can beat him with one hand. God stick is everywhere, but you talk about reality with god stick, then you are not sincere to make boring?

Things with smooth line, not smooth then to solve the problem let him smooth, of course, change a piece of THEIR own feel that will never be a problem of the CPU is also a way to solve the problem, but to scold, to black, this is not to solve any problems, can only be a waste of their short life.

All I know is, it’s weird to look at things with prejudice.

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