Loongson Launched domestic server CPU chip

In the early years, some people in China argued that they could buy chips instead of making them themselves. However, this time huawei was stuck in the neck incident, woke up the Chinese science and technology circle, it is known that China has been in the chip field shortcomings, high-end chip manufacturing is no doubt, most of the chips need to be imported every year.

Data show that in the first four months of 2022 alone, China's chip imports have reached 186 billion pieces. In 2021, chip imports will reach 635.48 billion pieces. In 2021, chip imports will become China's largest commodity, more than twice that of oil, and the import value will reach nearly 440 billion US dollars, about 2.8 trillion yuan.

Loongson Launched domestic server CPU chipBeijing, June 6 -- Loongson Zhongke, a domestic chip manufacturer, released the Loongson 3C5000 server CPU, and jointly released the new generation of domestic server hardware and software platform with ecological partners. This news, China's science and technology community are jubilant. That is to say, the basic hardware and software platform of the future home-made server is all home-made. The chip is oriented to the server field, aiming at the computing needs of general computing, large data centers, cloud computing centers and so on.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the rejuvenation of science and technology are also part of the road to rejuvenation. As early as thousands of years ago, China's four great inventions were worshipped by the world. I firmly believe that In the future, China's chip industry will surely rise in the clouds and eventually stand on the top of the world's forest of science and technology. Now that we have done the chip, Huawei Hongmeng system has done the operating system, and Loongson has done the database server, we can not rely on others, but also make our country more self-reliant and leading." I firmly believe in the future of China's science and technology field. Must be the number one of the world!

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