Which CPU should be selected for the same type of thin and light? The measurements were compared at 11300h and 5800h

In the same notebook COMPUTER CPU selection, choose which CPU is better, often we will compare. Today, from the lenovo Small New Pro 14 equipped with 11300H and 5800h two different processors as an example, comprehensive comparison of various configuration parameters, to see which 11300H and 5800H comparison of daily more practical, cost-effective.

How to choose between two CPU models of Xiaoxin Pro 14?

Lenovo Xiaoxin can be said to be a hot product in the market of thin and light products in recent years, a big brand tempered with stable and excellent comprehensive performance. Pro series has higher screen resolution and stronger performance release than other models. Since its release in October 2020, Pro 14, with its ultra-high appearance level, thin feel and high cost performance, has been enjoying a high sales rate among commercial light and thin books and has accumulated loyal fans of super-large volume.

Lenovo Xiaxin Pro 14 is divided into The Core version and the Dragon version, the Core version carries i5-11300H processor, the Dragon version carries R7-5800H. But in terms of carrying two different CPU, Intel Core I5-11300H or AMD R7-5800H, in the end how to choose? See here small white users may have a question, why can the Core i5 and ryzen R7 contrast? Algebraically, isn’t R7 higher? Isn’t the performance better? In fact, high algebra does not necessarily have strong performance, Core i5 series of targets is the R7 series of Sharp dragon, the same I3 targets are R5, I7 targets are R9 and so on, and the core of the targets of sharp dragon series of products whether in performance or configuration parameters are leading. Here is a comparison of i5-11300H and R7-5800H by data

In terms of configuration parameters, the main and core frequencies of 11300h and 5800h are basically the same. In terms of interface support, 11300H supports Thunder 4 interface, thunder 4 interface can be used to expand video display, data transmission, etc., is the most advanced transmission interface technology on the market at present, has the characteristics of faster transmission speed, higher security, and 5800H does not have such functions; The main frequency of memory refers to the highest working frequency that the memory can achieve. 11300h memory is 4266MHz, while 5800H memory is only 3200MHz. The difference of 4266/3200 frequency will directly affect the memory speed.

Which CPU should be selected for the same type of thin and light? The measurements were compared at 11300h and 5800hIn addition, although Raylong through the heap core, so that the running score is better, but the single-core performance is still better than Intel, thin and light in the running of large online games, PS software, 3D engineering software, single-core is the speed control condition, Intel’s performance is better. At the same time, in a 30-minute test with Aida 64 FPU+ Furmark, 11300h showed significantly higher core frequency and lower CPU and graphics temperature.

After the above comparison and analysis of 11300h and 5800h, Xiaoxin Pro 14 Core edition leads the pack, 11300h in single-core performance, memory frequency and thunder 4 interface support are better than 5800H. For students and mobile office workers who choose the light and light version for study, office, video and audio entertainment, 11300H has a more obvious advantage in adobe’s whole family, web and video browsing speed. In addition, on the price of the two notebooks, the price of Xiaoxin Pro 14 Core version is more favorable than that of Rayong version. After comprehensive consideration, Xiaoxin Pro 14 equipped with Intel Core I5-11300H is obviously a more cost-effective choice.

Intel 12 generation cool processor launch to help the new generation of Lenovo small new

The reason why the new Pro 14 Core version has such a good performance is due to the strong performance of the Core 11 generation processor, and the shock of the new generation of small new is also inseparable from the support of Intel Core processor. During CES 2022, Intel released three new series of H\P\U 12-generation Core mobile terminal processors. Intel 12 generation Core mobile terminal processors adopt high-performance hybrid architecture design of performance core (P core) and energy efficiency core (E core), and P core single-core performance IPC same-frequency increase up to 19%. Faster response speed and foreground task processing efficiency; E Nuclear power achieves multi-core task load in limited silicon wafer space, and multi-core performance achieves an average high improvement of 30%-40%. The efficient coordination of P and E cores can adapt to a variety of application requirements, making multi-threaded office and entertainment experience more smooth and stable.

The multithreaded computing performance of Intel’s 12-generation mobile processor is up to 70 percent better than its predecessor

Shortly after the release of the new Intel 12 generation CPU, Lenovo Xiaoxin launched the 2022 new notebook equipped with Intel 12 generation processor, which is divided into two series: Air and Pro. Lenovo Small new equipped with Intel 12 generation processor has greatly improved performance and more screen choices, which can greatly meet the needs of office, learning and games. The launch of the new generation of small new gives users more choices.

Through the comparison of 11300h and 5800h above, we obviously find that i5-11300H is better than 5800H in terms of single-core performance, memory main frequency and thunder 4 interface support as well as cost performance, so it is right to choose a notebook equipped with I5-11300H. Of course, the release of the core 12 processor has expanded the options, and if you are looking for higher performance and a budget, then the core 12 laptop is a better choice.

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