Both CPU and graphics card price cut, Raylong 5600X+RX6500XT performance enough?

With the gradual cooling of the graphics card mining tide and AMD's new batch of Rayon 5000 processor on the market, now the installed cost is finally reduced, especially the mainstream level of game configuration, Rayon 5600X with entry level RX6500XT graphics card as long as 2600 or so, with motherboard, memory, solid state and chassis power supply and other hardware, It is not a dream to have a machine with a unique display within 5000. By contrast, at the height of the mining boom, just an entry-level game card started at 2000, and it was almost impossible to install a low-budget machine with a unique display. So is the performance of a cost-effective combination like rayon 5600X and RX6500XT enough? Let's take a look

Gigabyte Pro-P B550M motherboard and RX6500XT GAMING OC 4G graphics card, both of which are very cost-effective board choices, can be used with the 5600X processor can be said to be very suitable.

The Gigabyte Pro-P B550M package is packaged in the high-tech style of the AORUS series. In addition to a clear brand and model number, we can extend the warranty up to four years with a scan registration.

On the back of the package is the color picture of the mainboard, specifications information, power supply materials, heat dissipation, PCIe 4.0, and nic sound card.

From the overall design of the motherboard, Gigabyte Pro-P B550M uses M-ATX specifications, and its PCB is extinction black. It is equipped with four DDR4 memory slots, two m. 2 ports (pci 4.0x4+ pci 3.0x4), two PCIex16 ports, one PCIex1 port, and four SATA 3.0 ports. The CPU is powered by DrMOS 10+2 phase direct digital power supply design. And with the integrated I/O cooling armor, the overall specification is very luxurious, used to carry ryzen 5600X and higher end CPU is sufficient.

Then there's the graphics. Gigabyte RX6500XT GAMING OC 4G has the same wide-eyed look, with model numbers and specifications printed on the left and right sides.

The back of the graphics card package also has product information and features for direct contact heat pipes, wind-force reversing fans, air intake grilles, ultra-durable materials and metal backboards.

Both CPU and graphics card price cut, Raylong 5600X+RX6500XT performance enough?Gigabyte RX6500XT GAMING OC 4G graphics card is powered by Navi 24 core, GPU up to 2815MHz, combined with GDDR6 memory of 4GB/18000 MHz and only 107W per card. In terms of heat dissipation, the card uses the wind power three-fan heat dissipation system with built-in three direct contact heat pipes. It supports forward reversal and intelligent start-stop functions, so that heat dissipation and noise can be well balanced. For an entry-level graphics card, the GIGAByte RX6500XT GAMING OC 4G comes with such robust cooling.

In terms of configuration, here's a look at the hardware:

CPU: AMD Rayon 5600X

Memory: Kefu THUNDER DDR4 3600MHz 16GB

Main board: Gigabyte PRO-P B550M

Graphics card: Gigabyte RX6500XT GAMING OC 4G

SSD: Shadow Chi Star obsio X4 1TB

Chassis: First Ma Pingtou M1 e-sports version

Power supply: TT GT650W Gold full model

Radiator: Yajun G

Because raylong 5600X only 65W TDP, so yajun G3 this 100 yuan class 4 heat pipe air cooling is enough to suppress easily

Although the graphics card power consumption of RX6500XT is not high, but for the stability of the game for a long time and the upgrade in the future, so the power supply is TT GT650W gold full mode power supply.

Thanks to the full module wiring and 14cm short fuselage design, the TT GT650W power supply is easily installed in the M-ATX case of the First Horse flat head M1.

After the machine is installed, you can see the first horse flat brother M1 still has a lot of space, heat dissipation is not a problem.

Although AMD CPU is basically "factory ash", but open XMP (memory preset overclocked) and BPO (automatic CPU overclocked) is very important, enter the BIOS of gigabyte Small Diao Pro-P B550M motherboard, press F2 to enter professional mode can directly see the adjustment of key options such as MEMORY XMP and BPO on the home page. Very fast and convenient.

Then there is the one operation that AMD must do: turn on SAM video memory. Because the RX 6500XT graphics card does not enable this feature will have a certain performance loss, remember to enable! The operation is also very simple, gigabyte BIOS as shown in the figure directly find "re-size BAR Support" and "4G decoding above" can be opened.

If you don't find "re-size BAR Support" and "Decode above 4G", it's probably because your BIOS version hasn't been updated yet. Gigabyte motherboard update BIOS is quite simple, even if you do not install CPU, memory and graphics card can brush BIOS. According to the instruction manual on the tutorial, find a U disk to the official website to download a good BIOS file and rename after insert motherboard 'Q-Flash' dedicated USB interface and press the motherboard "Q-Flash Plus button" will automatically brush BIOS, and you copy copy a video difficulty difference is not big, a study will.

After the platform was successfully lit, it was time to test it, starting with a CPU-Z score. Here sharp dragon 5600X ran out of a single-core 621, multi-core 4878 results, performance is not good, play single and online games will have a very good experience.

Chess runs 31,030 moves.

CineBench R20, CPU test score 4395cb.

CineBench R20, 1531pts single-core CPU and 11254pts multi-core CPU.

The 3DMark Fire Strike project scored 13,840

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme project with a score of 6659.

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra scored 3648.

3DMark Fire TimeSpy project, score 5417.

The gigabyte RX6500XT GAMING OC 4G graphics card has a full load temperature of only 57 ° C at room temperature of 26 ° C, and the fan speed is only 61% of its maximum speed. It has excellent cooling and quiet performance, and you don't need to worry about overheating of the graphics card for long games.

In terms of disk performance, the shadow Chip star X4 1TB SSD runs 3083.49MB/s and 2905.5MB/s in AS SSD BenchMark, with a total score of 6421. The read and write performance is quite good.

For games, I chose the classic AAA hit Shadow of the Tomb Raider. At the 1080p maximum, this configuration runs at an average frame rate of 64FPS, which is perfectly smooth.

For online games, this configuration has a stable smoothness of 300+FPS in the BenchMark scene and actual combat of CS:GO. The whole game process is smooth without any lag, and the high brush advantage of esports screen can be fully played.

Finally, there is another popular online competitive game, League of Legends. At the beginning of the game, the screen had a 300-400 FPS, but after nearly half an hour of see-saw combat, the map elements began to grow, and even in a complex environment with multiple characters and minions fighting each other, the overall experience was pretty good.

Although the graphics card still has a lot of price space, do not worry can choose to continue to wait, but for light game entertainment and budget constraints of the student party, is now a good time to sell installed. Take the above set of Ryalong 5600X+RX6500XT configuration as an example, its CPU and motherboard part is enough for now, and there is room to upgrade and expand in the future, the graphics card price can be directly upgraded on the premise of not moving the three major parts, and the RX6500XT graphics card itself can smoothly experience all kinds of popular stand-alone and online games at present, Either as a transition or long-term light use is not a problem. Of course, the performance configuration is based on the budget and personal needs, the above configuration is just a reference, DO not know how we look at it?

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