AMD, Intel first 6GHz high frequency CPU by the end of the year

In recent years, AMD and Intel CPU processors in the number of core launched a wave of core war, now the mainstream desktop platform has achieved 16 core, this year's 13 generation core will even achieve 8P+16E 24 core 32 threads.

Now that the CPU has enough cores, what's next? The traditional CPU frequency war has to be connected, the highest official factory frequency is Intel Core I9-12900KS, 3.4ghz base frequency, 5.5ghz acceleration frequency.

What's the next target? There have been rumors that CPU frequency will hit 6GHz, but now OneRaichu has further reported that there may be a CPU that can achieve 6GHz in the form of Turbo speed. Some speculate that this will be the successor to the Core i9-12900KS.

Given that it mentions eTVB (Intel's thermal acceleration) mode, it's likely to be one of the core 13 versions, such as the Core I9-13900KS, which Intel will continue to do.

AMD, Intel first 6GHz high frequency CPU by the end of the year13 Generation Core Based on the 12 generation Core architecture and Intel 7 technology is further optimized, the frequency up to 6GHz is still hopeful, after all, TDP power consumption can be further relaxed.

In addition to Intel is likely to grab the first 6GHz CPU, AMD also has a chance, the upcoming Rayon 7000 series has been upgraded to 5.5ghz core frequency, and with TSMC's 5nm process advantage, AMD rayon 7000 series specially pick a 6GHz processor is not out of the question.

The CPU frequency race wars are expected to be seen later this year on the next generation of products.

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