I did a lap of comparison and found that CPU cores are more cost-effective

Many new CPU will encounter problems when choosing a CPU, should the CPU with core display?

The CPU core is also a graphics card, but it is integrated into the CPU. If you are struggling with the choice of core display, my advice is to buy a CPU with core display.

First of all, the core display performance is much better than the previous performance, the current mainstream processors (11 generation Core, Ryzen 3000 and newer) can reach the GTX 550Ti level of core display, although not for large games, but as a daily entertainment can still meet.

Secondly, in the single display host, the core display can sometimes meet some requirements, such as in the failure to play a role in eliminating the graphics card problem, is also the reason why many game hosts retain the core display.

Another important point is that the core display is not expensive. Generally, the CPU with the core display on the Intel platform is 200 yuan more expensive than the CPU without the core, and the price difference is even only 100 yuan in the event. Saving this part of the budget can not generate large profits in other aspects, so the CPU with the core display is still very popular. Here are a few examples of CPU cores worth starting with.

I did a lap of comparison and found that CPU cores are more cost-effectiveCore I5-12400 has 6 cores and 12 threads, only equipped with performance core core, no energy efficiency core small core design, the maximum core frequency up to 4.4ghz, TDP power consumption of 65W is not high for heat dissipation, but the overall performance is very strong, comes with UHD730 core display, the price of 1449 yuan for I5 is not too expensive.

Core I5-12600K has 10 cores and 16 threads, the basic frequency is 3.7ghz, the maximum core frequency is 4.9ghz, the energy efficiency core basic frequency is 2.8ghz, the maximum core frequency is 3.6ghz, has 20MB three-level cache, PBP power consumption is 125W, equipped with UHD770 core display, the overall performance is very strong.

AMD Ryron 5 5600G is positioned in the middle, with 6 cores and 12 threads, the main CPU frequency is 3.6ghz, and the acceleration frequency is 4.4ghz. The built-in Radeon Vega Graphics card can meet the needs of light entertainment, the overall performance is not bad, and the price is very suitable. You can even buy a board U package for 1499 yuan.

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G has 8 cores, 16 threads, 3.8GHz CPU, 4.6 GHz acceleration, and 16MB three-level cache. Built-in Radeon Vega Graphics 8 Graphics card, more powerful, in the AMD APU is the flagship product.

Finally, we should remind you that if the use of the core display as the main display, do not match the unique display, then it is recommended to use dual channel memory to achieve better results, often perform multi-task players choose the memory capacity as far as possible to choose a larger version, to avoid the lack of video memory caused by the block.

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