How to choose a thin and light CPU?

AMD and Intel have a unified understanding this year: H series high performance and high power consumption, HS/P series balanced, U series low power and low performance;

So what's the choice? How to choose the right CPU for you?

Come up the first: old and new alternate, want to have a budget only, old CPU does not recommend to buy;

For example, the performance of the R7 6800U and the previous generation R7-5800U is improved by about 15% for multi-core and 8% for single-core. It's not a huge performance improvement, but the price of the older model won't drop you much.

The same goes for Intel, even more so. The I5-1240P has 15% more single cores than the previous I5-11300H and almost double the multi-core performance.

The 6000 series is better than the 5000 series in every way, but Intel has made a big splash this year with a bit more performance improvement.

AMD's advantage, only two remaining: battery life +30% + 6800H core display double

How to choose a thin and light CPU?

Take several notebooks for horizontal comparison:

Zhanx 2022 (R7-6800HS version)

Asus Linyao 13 6800U;

HP War 66, I5-1240P

Dell Linue 13 Pro, I7-1260P;

Whether it's R7-6800HS\6800H\6800U, the core is displayed in 3Dmark TS performance, or the comparison of two eyes (remember: since the eye wants to play games with this core, try to buy 16 ", 14 "high temperature warning)

Posted together the Cinebench R23 scores of several notebooks;

Multi-core performance, in fact, has a lot to do with the heat dissipation of the notebook itself, but the single-core performance (is also a reflection of the peak performance of thin and light), or a very formal display;

If your laptop is loaded for a long time, the power consumption of the laptop will be reduced from 60W to 45W, or even lower, then the advantages of 6800 will be reflected. After testing PS, AE, PR, etc., sometimes a product over 5 minutes to squeeze CPU performance, AMD will turn the tables.

Again, how many people are going to take this kind of light and thin, a lot of video editing, rendering?

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