7 Forklift Maintenance Considerations You Should Know

Pay attention to safety in the process of forklift maintenance, do a good job of preparation before maintenance and regular maintenance operations in the process of maintenance:

Specific content can refer to the industry heavy equipment manuals

1. In order to ensure safety, when jacking up the vehicle, the vehicle should be parked on the level ground and the front and rear wheels should be in the braking state.

7 Forklift Maintenance Considerations You Should Know

2. Support the vehicle behind the chassis frame, and jack the supporting point close to the axle and frame to lift the vehicle and perform maintenance operations.

3, before performing maintenance operations, to remove the wire from the battery, in order to reduce the wire damage and burn accident caused by short circuit.

4. The body, seat and floor should be covered with protective cover to prevent damage and pollution.

5, because the brake fluid and antifreeze are easy to damage the spray painting surface, so proper attention must be given to the treatment.

6. In order to carry out the maintenance operation effectively and reliably, it is necessary to use the prescribed tools and special tools.

7. Used cotter pins, gaskets, O-rings, oil seals, lock washers and self-locking nuts must be discarded, and new ones should be prepared when reloading. If these parts are reused, they will not maintain their normal function.

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