Intel confirms CPU price increases, starting in the fourth quarter

Following its disastrous Q2 2022 earnings report, Intel confirmed that it would raise prices on all of its major products, including cpus, officially confirming price increases starting with Q4 2022.

After reporting its Q2 2022 results, Intel said it missed double-digit revenue and EPS targets. Intel's customer computing and data center divisions both saw huge revenue declines, and while the company reiterated that they're trying to do better and have a very good suite of products coming out in the second half of 2022, there will be price increases for most of Chipzilla's components (including cpus).

The other thing I would say is that we have a great set of products coming out in the second half of the year. I think we're on a roll in terms of product offerings across all of our businesses. Third, we are increasing pricing, which generally takes effect in the fourth quarter. We've done quite a bit of preparation.

CCG pricing will also see more improvements compared to DCAI. We are adjusting pricing, but pricing is more important in CCGS. This will also boost CCG in the second half of the year.

David Zinsner -- Chief Financial Officer of Intel Corp., from The Motelfool

Intel confirms CPU price increases, starting in the fourth quarterIn fact, Intel's price hike has been under discussion for months, with previous reports suggesting that Intel would raise the price of cpus and other components by as much as 20%. The list of affected products includes the CPU used for the client computing server as well as a list of other components, such as a Wi-Fi connection controller.

It's worth noting that the three CPU and chip units are Intel's most important businesses, and the company expects some product pricing to rise from single digits to 10-20%. The final price hasn't been set yet, but Intel has communicated with its partners and customers to prepare for such price increases.

Both AMD and Intel are expected to release their next-generation processors in September or October, the Ryzen 7000 and the Core 13, respectively. This price adjustment storm may be directly reflected in the new price.

Intel has told customers it will raise prices on most of its microprocessors and peripheral chip products this fall, mainly due to rising production and material costs, the Nikkei reported on July 14.

Intel plans to raise prices this fall for flagship products such as server and PC processors, as well as a range of products including chips for WiFi and other connectivity, three industry executives said. A person familiar with the matter said the price increase for different types of chips could vary and has not yet been determined. The minimum increases are in the single digits, while in some cases they can exceed 10% or even 20%.

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