What does CPU suffix mean?

Many cute new in the choice of CPU will be a variety of models around the halo, which CPU various suffixes contribute to a lot of role. If you want to choose a suitable CPU for you, then you must understand the meaning of the suffix, so that the installed point is not bright or wasted money.

First, Intel. At present, Intel's CPU mainly focuses on core, and its naming format is Core brand name, series, algebra, small model and tail end, such as Core I5-12600. By default, products without tail end are standard positioning, and their own core display can be displayed independently without matching, which is very common in the crowded lists of home and office platforms.

Intel END F MEANS CPU WITHOUT CORE DISPLAY, NEED TO match INDEPENDENT GRAPHICS CARD TO LIGHT UP, BECAUSE OF THE elimination OF THE CORE display part, so the price is cheaper than the standard VERSION 100-200 YUAN, SUITABLE FOR READY GRAPHICS CARD game players to choose.

Intel tail K said CPU does not lock frequency, that is, can overfrequency, but to match the Z series of motherboard to achieve overfrequency, the product price is higher, generally speaking, overfrequency heat will be higher, so the tail with K CPU are not attached to the radiator.

What does CPU suffix mean?Intel TAIL KS said CPU for the special edition of the unlocked frequency, that is, the player commonly known as the "special edition", the main frequency can achieve a higher level, release a more powerful performance, generally used in the pursuit of flagship performance platform.

Other unusual finishes include: T is a low-power version with lower caloric output but lower performance; X is the flagship platform processor, which needs to be matched with X series motherboard; XE is a special edition processor for the flagship platform that is more powerful and more expensive, and rarely available to gamers.

Come to AMD here, AMD CPU is dominated by Ryzen, its naming format is consistent with Intel, also Ryzen, series, algebra, small model and tail, the difference is that the standard version of CPU without tail does not take the core, need to match unique to light up.

AMD tail G for built-in core display, Ryzen core display performance is strong, Ryzen 5000 core display has been able to play some of the requirements of the game, but it should be noted that G tail processor performance and no tail is not the same, so there will be G tail cheaper situation.

AMD end X is the frequency increase, its silent frequency and overclocking frequency are improved compared with the version without end, can be considered as an enhanced version, with stronger performance and higher price.

Other uncommon finishes include: E is a low-power version with lower power consumption and lower heat output, but the performance is also relatively reduced; WX is a more powerful and more expensive extension for thread rippers. It needs to be used with a thread ripper motherboard.

Finally, I would like to remind you that when choosing a CPU, do not blindly pursue strong performance. The best choice is suitable for yourself. Especially for game players, it is not necessary to choose a CPU with core display, and the rest of the budget can be used on the knife edge.

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