4 thoughts on “Former Malaysian Treasury Minister Lin Guanying was arrested. What did this happen?”

  1. According to local media reports of Malaysia on August 2020, former Malaysian Treasury Secretary Lin Guanying was accused by the Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission as "suspected corruption in the Penang Underwater Tunnel project launched in 2013".
    . Where is Lin Guanying sacred? Lin Guanying, who has recently been accused of by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, has served as chief minister of Penang State in 2008. From May 2018 to February 2020, he served as former Malaysian Finance Minister.
    Lin Guanying's control was to be carried out by the Penang Underwater Tunnel Project, which was dominated by his chief minister in Penang State.
    The Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission accused him of asking the contractor to obtain 10%of the project profit from the contractor in the Penang Underwater Tunnel project to exchange for the engineering contract.
    Lin Guanying denied the relevant charges, saying that it was "the new government's revenge on the former government personnel."
    In this incident, Lin Guanying and the Anti -Corruption Commission have their own words. I am afraid that the truth is only known to them, but for us, we can analyze the subsequent impact of the incident.
    . The Penang Underwater Tunnel is contracted by Chinese enterprises? Penang, Malaysia is a very beautiful city, and there is a strong Chinese element in this city, and even the name of "Chinatown of the Malacca Strait".
    Over the years, the economic exchanges between China and Malaysia have been very close, and the Chinese have also had a lot of construction and investment in Malaysia. The Penang Underwater Tunnel project launched in 2013 is estimated to reach 6.3 billion forests. Gitt is a large -scale infrastructure project, which is converted to about 10.5 billion yuan.
    The project has been controversial since its start -up project.
    First of all, many residents in Penang believe that it is not necessary to build an submarine tunnel, because the existing first bridge and the second bridge are enough to meet most of the traffic needs, and the cost performance of the underwater tunnel may be very low.
    Fhow this project has been speculated for several years, and the field construction has not been completed. Earlier Malaysian media have reportedly reported that "the project was bidded by China Railway Construction", so Malaysia official thought it was China Railway Construction in the construction of China. After intentional delaying the construction period, it can be discovered after the specific communication with China Railway Construction that China Railway Construction only signed a "design and procurement contract" worth 22 million US dollars from the beginning to the end. contract.
    , that is, in this Penang submarine tunnel engineering project, Chinese companies just occupy a small part, and they cannot talk about contracting.
    three, Lin Guanying's influence on China? The Penang Underwater Tunnel Project was launched in 2013, and it still did not progress in 2018. This is likely to have a lot to do with Lin Guanying. Therefore, the investigation of the Anti -Corruption Commission this time is a high probability that it is the fault.
    The "personal style problem" of foreign officials has no effect on China and it has nothing to do with it.

  2. According to Lianhe Morning Post, the Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission announced on the 6th that Lin Guanying, the Secretary -General of Malaysia's Democratic Action Party, who had been the Minister of Finance of Malaysia and Chief Minister of Penang State, has been arrested. He will face allegations that the case involved in the case involved in the Penang Underwater Tunnel Project in Penang, and the total amount involved in the case reached 6.3 billion Linjit (about 10.5 billion yuan).

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