3 thoughts on “How do I open a Hong Kong stock account?”

  1. Personal open Hong Kong stock accounts are mainly through two ways:
    Is to open Shanghai -Hong Kong -General authority with A -share accounts. The average daily assets of the first 20 trading of ordinary accounts can go to the business department to apply for the opening authority. You can use it directly. The RMB buying part has been included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect. There are more than 300 Hong Kong stocks. They are the same as the A -share trading mechanism, and they cannot play the IPO of the newly subscribed for the listing of Hong Kong.
    The second type can be opened directly by online securities firms. You can open it at home without going to Hong Kong. It is more complicated to exchange Hong Kong dollars transactions through Biya Pay. The winning rate is as high as 80%, and the T 0 transaction mechanism is bought and sold on the same day.

  2. If you want to open a Hong Kong stock account, you need to open a Hong Kong personal account first.
    I Hong Kong bank personal households have two ways to present and are not present:
    1. I go to Hong Kong to interview account opening with the bank manager. n Disadvantages: The epidemic is closed and can not go to Hong Kong, the round -trip cost is high

    2, people witnessed on the mainland, do not have to go to Hong Kong to talk about account opening
    Disadvantages: The threshold for opening an account is slightly higher, and the time for the household is slightly longer

  3. Process of personal Hong Kong stock account opening:
    1. Opening an account at the securities company, apply for relevant procedures such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen Stock Exchange shareholders' account card, capital account, online transaction business, telephone transaction business and other related procedures. Then download the online trading software specified by the securities company.
    2, go to the bank to open a live account, and save money into the bank through the bank transfer business.
    3. Systems such as online transaction systems or telephone trading systems transfer money from banks to the fund account account of the securities company.
    4. In the online trading system or telephone trading system, buy and sell stocks.
    5, the handling fee is about 100 yuan (each securities company is different). When the stock market is sluggish, it is generally free to open an account.
    6. When buying stocks, securities companies must be commissioned by securities companies, so they must find an securities company to open an account. Those who buy stocks cannot be bought and sold directly on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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