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  1. How to open an account in Hong Kong stocks?
    1, a copy of the tool/ingredient ID: The new version of the ID card is copied on both sides on a piece of paper. With the account opening information to the office and filling in the account opening form, it is the most basic process of how to open an account in Hong Kong stocks.
    2, address proof: water and electricity bill documents, telephone bill documents, credit card documents, or other public institutions documents, requiring the document to correctly reflect the name and address of the households. You can also entrust the neighborhood committee or community property to issue a address certificate. The format is as follows: The address proof is proved to be ××× (ID number: ×××××××××××××××××××××××), and now lives on XX Road, Beijing ×× District. It is hereby proved. ××× Property Management Co., Ltd. (seal). When filling in the form, you should pay attention: the font should be clearly as clear as possible. Do not change the signature font as consistent as possible. Do not sign a font every place. You can choose a cash account and a deposit account (the deposit account is an account that can be mortgaged by the stock).
    3, after the account opening is successful, you can remit the money after receiving the account information and password.
    4. I received an email in a few days. There is an account information and password in the email. It is a point that Hong Kong stocks should pay special attention to how to open an account.
    5. After three days of time, investors will receive a confirmation phone call from the employees of the Hong Kong company. If there is a mistake or inappropriate in the form, it will also explain on the phone. Enter the next step. Account opening information (copy card copy, address certificate, account opening form) will be courmed from the office at 5 pm to the Hong Kong headquarters daily.
    6, remittance method: first change the exchange and renewal, and it is best to know that the other party's English name and English address should be known when the bank is filled in the form that day. Remittance: Go to any state -owned banks such as Bank of China, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, etc., and China Merchants Bank can be remitted to recommend the Construction Bank. CCB's exchange telegram is completed in one window, and the remittance speed is the fastest. The key process of account opening.

  2. I personally think that if you want to buy Hong Kong stocks and open a Hong Kong stock account, you must first provide the mainland resident ID card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pass permit or passport, address certificate, retail and corporate customer account opening, and must provide address certification. Equal Hong Kong dollars.

  3. If you want to invest in Hong Kong stocks directly, investors should bring information to Hong Kong to find Hong Kong securities accounts in Hong Kong to open a Hong Kong securities account. According to the current system, the transaction costs of direct investment in Hong Kong stocks include brokerage commissions (usually 0.25%, and the minimum fee of 100 Hong Kong dollars is charged. ), Exchanges (0.012%), government costs (0.1%), etc., and most Hong Kong stocks are also toll projects, retail investors need to pay higher money costs and time costs.

  4. Conditions for the opening of the Hong Kong Stock Connect:
    1, securities account and capital account in the first 20 trading daily assets of not less than 500,000 yuan before the application permissions; And the score is not less than 80 points;
    3, the risk tolerance level needs to be matched, and its investment period is not as short as "short -term". Standard Shanghai City A -share account;
    5, not "special protection" customers.

    In Ping An Securities can handle the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect business. After the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect account is opened, the Ping An Bank debit card can operate Hong Kong stock transaction. If you need to open an account, you can contact the official customer service of Ping An Securities 95511-8 consult.

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