6 thoughts on “What is COF !!!”

  1. The higher the COF value, the less rewards you get. If your COF is 40 %! Then the reward you get the task is only 60 %! Including only experience and money. Equipment, consumables and materials will not be reduced! The COF value is complete without less than 5 %! Many people say that it will affect the drop rate! But I don't think! How can there be COF? That is the consequences of finding people when you usually brush the picture, and the team that is higher than the level 7 of your own level will add a COF value! The COF value is calculated by fatigue. If you are in total (it is all, from your character to forever), you have brushed 100 fatigue, 50 of which are brushed with senior players, then your COF value is 5 % ten! The only way to reduce the COF value is to brush more fatigue. It is recommended to brush Laurn, which is fast enough! If you want to reduce, don't rush to upgrade! After the upgrade, the COF value will be updated! Try to keep within 5 % as much as possible, it's okay at all

  2. The penalty point will affect your experience. And the gold coin reward after completing the task.
    If you now have a 1%COF index, you can only get 99%experience and 99%gold coins. . . . . . . . . . R n and rumors will affect your explosion rate in the dungeon.
    It will grow when people who are beyond 7J. Except for the same guild or teacher -apprentice relationship. Except.

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  4. The captain COF, a group 7, who is higher than your own level, such as [Level 30 and 37 teams] long COF affects long experience, and there are few gold coins. The establishment of a master and apprentice is not long.

  5. The higher the COF, the experience you can draw or the task will be reduced, and when you form a team with other players, the points of throwing a sieve will be affected. But as long as it is often COF online, it will decrease, but the decrease is very slow.

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