Computer how to play CPU overfrequency? Do you really choose air – cooled water – cooled?

The reason for talking about this topic, because now Intel side of the I5 10600KF sell more popular, but also overclocked and I7 fight. AMD side of the CPU can be overclocked, coupled with the improvement of AMD CPU performance, many friends will think of overclocked to play after buying a computer. Play overclocking one thing can not be careless, is heat dissipation, overclocking CPU will run at a higher temperature, heat dissipation choice has become the key.

Computer how to play CPU overfrequency? Do you really choose air - cooled water - cooled?

There are three types of heat dissipation. Why three? Because there is a more extreme, that is liquid nitrogen overfrequency, we will not talk about this, after all, can not afford to play. Air cooling and integrated water cooling are two common radiators in the market now, and for overfrequency, some friends may think that overfrequency water cooling is more dominant, and some feel that air cooling is more reliable, here to say, but are not comprehensive.

First of all, air cooling is now the choice of the mainstream installed market, and some models of air cooling radiator are indeed better than the general integrated water cooling effect, i7 overclocked can withstand. Like the big frost tower of Kyushu Fengshen, there is almost no rival at the same price. There is no problem with the double fan six copper tube, pressing a 10600KF and AMD R5 series. The price of 200 yuan is not expensive, and the water cooling at the same price is far less than the big frost tower. There is owl, the price is expensive about 200, but the work and mute control is really perfect, pressure overfrequency is also completely enough.

Computer how to play CPU overfrequency? Do you really choose air - cooled water - cooled?

The choice of water cooling is directly integrated water cooling, split type need not say more, please study water cooling entry to claim this course. Objectively speaking, the integrated water cooling low price is also a general workmanship, in order to pressure overfrequency, basically to the price of more than 500. The gap between water cooling and air cooling below this price is not particularly large. And basically water cooled double exhaust fan start, single exhaust fan can be directly skipped, but the heat dissipation performance of xuan Bing 400.

Finally is brand, playing overclocking COOLING must overclocking guarantee, brand, let alone the ROG such beliefs, common the spectrum of the brand, advised to choose a cooler sovereign, ID COOLING, kyushu fengshen this brand, er jie and owls and msi and other big brands can also, but the price is not as good as before the three more populist, Now most are rushing to i5 10600KF, the choice of cost-effective is the most consistent with the budget.

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