32 core Zen 4 bonus! AMD's new EPYC processor: Double cache

The upcoming AMD Zen 4 will be a huge 5nm family.

On the server side is EPYC 7XX4, and on the desktop is Rayon 7000 series codenamed Raphael. On the mobile terminal, there are Dragon Range with 55W and Phoenix with 35W.

EPYC 7004 Genoa "processor engineering chip, identified as 100-000000866-01, appears in Geekbench 5 database.


The processor has 32 Zen 4 cores, 64 threads, a base frequency of 1.2ghz, and an all-core acceleration frequency of 4.6ghz. Of course, because it's an engineering version, there's a lot of room for frequency variation.

It is also worth noting that Zen 4 single CCD is 8-core configuration, this processor has 32MB of level 3 cache per CCD, L3 total 128MB; Each core has 1MB of level 2 cache, for a total of 32MB, double that of Zen 3.

The test platform was loaded with 384GB of DDR5 memory and an NVIDIA A100 accelerator card.

According to the source, the Zen 4 EPYC processor has a maximum design of 96 cores and 192 threads, and uses the new SP5 socket interface, which will reflect the full strength of the Zen 4 architecture.

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