Intel's new CPU began shipping up to 56 cores

Intel officially announced this week that the Sapphire Rapids fourth generation XEON CPU has begun shipping, officially unveiling the first models.

The Intel Sapphire Rapids uses the same Intel 7 technology and Golden Cove architecture as the 12th generation Core, but it has a maximum of 56 cores.

Intel's new CPU began shipping up to 56 cores

According to the source, the thermal design power of the new CPU is divided into four levels: Platinum 300-350W, gold 270-300W, silver 205-250W and bronze 150-185W.

Combing known engineering samples, we can know that there are at least six core, cache and power consumption configurations: 1, 24 core and 48 threads, 45.0MB tertiary cache and 225W TDP. 2, 28 core 56 threads, 52.5MB tertiary cache, 250W TDP. 3, 40 core 80 threads, 75.0MB tertiary cache, 300W TDP. 3, 44 core 88 threads, 82.5MB tertiary cache, 270W TDP; 48 core 96 threads, 90.0MB tertiary cache, 350W TDP; 5. 56 core 112 threads, 105.0MB tertiary cache, 350W TDP.

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