No dream, why far away?

One, decadent happiness

Chase play, brush a circle of friends, play games, drama, masturbation, these seemingly unrelated things fill our life at present, we ordinary people a day by phone to fill most of the time, it's okay when send a circle of friends, find a presence, brush circle of others, look at someone else's dynamic, or brush trill, if nobody tube, If you can't discipline yourself, you may finish a day like this, and there is no gain, the only gain is self-paralysis, temporary happiness! That's what we're losing, and that's what we need to change.

Two, the distance of the dream

"A person without goals without dreams and salt fish no difference", this is the network of a writer's proverbs said good, if we do not have a dream it is terrible.

I had a childhood dream is a soldier, astronauts and teachers, the results found that walking 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá, these dreams slowly special naive, began to recognize that this is not a dream, but the idea of childhood, or on television, the media see, is not realistic, childhood is the most important is reading, learning, playing good fundamentals, the better the abcd single finals, will my multiplication tables, Can read, can get double hundred on the test.

42d21f14871d55903a2b8dcabd4ff097After finishing high school, our goal has changed again. We did not take an examination for our ideal university. With the help of our parents, we successfully went to a junior college, mixed with a diploma, and went out of school to find a similar job.

To the unit, the enterprise, the distance from the dream will be more and more big. The realization of the dream is to recognize the reality, do the present things well, hold the rice bowl, make a living first, and then seek love, completely into a salt fish, in the heart of countless times to ask themselves this is the life they want? Did I lose my dream?

Three, the realization of dreams

There is a saying on the Internet with ridicule, but also with philosophy, do people want to have a dream in case it comes true? Like buying lottery tickets. Yesterday, our county won 10 million yuan in the lottery.

Say this example is a little extreme, not to let everyone buy lottery tickets, but the chance of 2 yuan lottery tickets in 5 million odds is one in 200 million. That is, you buy lottery tickets to win the odds is smaller than the chance of being struck by lightning, but you don't buy the chance to lose, you have not realized through buying lottery tickets to fulfill the dream.

In reality, if we want to realize our dreams, we should not rely on thinking, but dare to think and do. We should abandon the burden of thought. What we fight for is speed, opportunity, vision, faith and determination to stick to the end.

For example, we read books, certificates, in their own field to learn, explore, improve their own value and cultivation, constantly improve themselves, let themselves become the leader in the industry, through efforts to complete their dreams.

​Recently, there is a TV series that is inspirational. "Love Spell will win" is about young people in the face of the fate of injustice, relentlessness, dare to face the bleak life, fighting innovation, determined to change life now, change your fate, with their own actions change your fate, change the fate of a village or even a country. This is the value of the dream!

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