In our life, we commonly use a variety of electrical appliances, small to electric fans, large to washing machines, televisions, are basically used lighting electricity. In fact, the risk still exists in the following electrical appliances do not disassemble privately:

1. Television

There is a transformer inside the TV set, commonly known as a high voltage package! It will output voltage increases, the dc 25000 v high voltage, the supply tube anode, make the tube anode have attracted the utility of the electron is emitted by the cathode, can make the tube flash grating and imaging of the TV at home, and take him inside the tube is a typical stealth high voltage, must stay away from, not without permission to remove, maintenance.

d322cd3f600dc35cf85e0c586effd0862. Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker Pressure cooker is also called pressure cooker, pressure it is a modern kitchen commonly used, durable cooker. The pressure cooker can enhance this physical phenomenon by boiling the liquid at a higher pressure 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá, so that the water can reach a higher temperature without boiling, so as to speed up the efficiency of braising food. It can be used to heat cooked food to over 100℃. Its advantage is that it saves time and energy, and can increase the efficiency of processing food ingredients. The disadvantage is that the operation is not correct. When there is a flaw, it may explode and cause personal injury, so home cooking women should still pay attention to this "high voltage cooker".

3. Battery car

Battery cars have become our favorite means of transportation, saving time and labor and environmental protection. The main principle of electric vehicles is the law of electromagnetic induction. Through the MCU in the controller to detect the speed control of the output model strength, and then the change of the signal into the drive signal of the power tube, power tube to provide the corresponding current to the motor operation, Electric motor is dc motor, the motor internal electromagnetic process is very complex, motor stator and rotor, the main parts of the around a coil winding (forms), respectively, through the stator current as the excitation current, mainly produce magnetomotive force, and to establish a magnetic field, rotor wire zhongtong have current, and the effect of electromagnetic force, the controller through the battery power supply, output the voltage, And then accelerate the battery car.

But it is worth noting that the electric vehicle charging at home of friends, be careful of storage battery charging, network media electric vehicle battery explosion, the cases of spontaneous combustion, mostly because of storage battery charging too much and cause the battery discharge continuously, lead to internal heat accumulation, release, explosion, It is suggested that the home charging partner can add a time relay, set the time to automatically power off, or install an undervoltage protector, the net is about 20 yuan.

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