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  1. Magnote Store Activity Plan 1
    The activity theme:
    2021 Winter style, hot mood. Fully launched 2021 new trendy hairstyle omnisforms, romantic non -destructive hot
    1. Activity date: December 8, 2021 to January 8, 2021
    2. Activity purpose:
    (1) Christmas on Christmas Before the New Year's Day, we will support our customers for a long time.
    (2) This activity promotes the growth of sales to allow customers to recognize the professional technology and services of our store; create a high -priced strategy of average customer consumption.
    (3) The spirit of all employees work together through this event, and the spirit of unity and mutual assistance is condensed and exerted.
    (4) Create the best performance goals for individuals and teams.
    (5) Leaving the pressure of competition, stabilizing the customer group, and pulling away from the competitors.

    (6) stereo potential, a lot of attractive people.
    (7) Help employees realize that only under the protection of VIP cards, there will be real designated guest feedback. Only attracting customers can stabilize the performance foundation of individuals and stores.
    (8) Help employees create perm, hair dyeing, hair care, stabilize customer base, and better control customer consumption cycle.
    (9) The incentive team takes the team's interests as the starting point to create! "Compare, learn, hurry, help" atmosphere.
    (10) strive to serve as "service angel" "technical capacity gloves.
    (4) The most interesting trick: SMS group tells your old customers or call customers directly, tell the event content, the content of the event, Time and wait. I think the SMS is better, because the text message is no matter what, once sent to the customer, he will definitely read it, and the phone will be different, but the text message is cheap. R n (1) Provide customers with correct perm concepts to understand the concept of perfect non -destructive perm of natural plants (all guests)
    (2) Let customers feel high -quality, high -quality, low consumption reality.
    (3) Let customers trust, peace of mind, and satisfy service. (Passionate, proactive, comfortable)
    4) Enjoy ultra -low price, value service.
    . employee interests r r r r r r
    (1) attract more customers and increase the average customer sales price.
    (2) Improve employee service, sales skills and mouth can be better played. For guests, and can exert what they have learned. Improve self -confidence and increase designated customers.
    (4) Improve the overall work efficiency of the store, promote unity, digestion contradictions, and create the future.
    (5) By advertising the opportunity to propagate, exercise the courage of employees, it is not easy to understand the new customer group, you should cherish the source of the customer; it should be good for service.
    (6) Increase employee income. The main points of the execution of the front arrangement:
    (1) The concept of "omnidirectional romantic non -damaged perm" and the perfect perm of "omnidirectional romantic and non -damaged perm" of employees, and do a good job of technical service education in advance. Whether the layout and technical quality, service language, communication training are in place.
    (3) employee photos and performance exhibition signs (daily battle report) two -day working period (monthly day).
    (4) Customers Information sorting. Telephone notify the guests, three days of working period (monthly completion)
    (5) Advertising distribution (in -store) Expand the first three days of the period (monthly)
    (6) Hair stylist controlled guests Notice four days ago.
    (7) Christmas tree and Christmas paintings were arranged the day before the event.
    (8) A: The textbook formation of the store. Speaking of "Almighty Romantic Wetting Weekly Contest Week Championship and Challenge Competition (Loser Ceremony)
    The fourth week champion October champion (award cash)
    Starting the competition
    : The hairstyle is 100 sets per person this month, and 200 yuan after completion. The Lymage Lymalist actually completed 200 sets this month. The number of completions divided by the target is equal to completion rate.
    Stimum and small workers only reduce the number of prizes for lectures, and the target does not reach the target at the bonus ratio.
    If the No. 1 hairstyle, the actual 80 sets were actually completed this month, and the completion rate was 80%. Then the Limer L is 40 yuan in the store this month. How much does the weekly champion stores at all levels, how much is the other in the monthly champion stores at all levels, how much is the penalty of the last two at all levels at all levels
    12. Activity summary
    (1) Activity feedback
    Many hairdressing shops have finished the activities. In fact, the feedback of the event is very important, especially for how to carry out the next event. How to feedback? Here are several methods:
    A. When customers come to consume, they must use software (here are recommended for everyone to use "Wong Point System Beauty and Hairdressing Management Software") to establish files You can give them an email after the festival.
    B. SMS inform consumer information: Many hairdressing shops have a stored value member card for our customers. When the guests are consumed, if there is another consumer text message telling him, people will think that this store is transparent. Justice will increase the next consumption.
    C. Telephone contact: Although the telephone contact is troublesome, how can it be your important customer, you must use telephone contact, because the phone contact is closer.
    (2) Activity summary
    A. Ranking for each employee.
    B. Each employee writes about activities: Nowadays, people are more and less accustomed to writing. Writing and summary is conducive to thinking training.
    roster shop activity plan 2
    1: Activity theme: New store opening big Hui Gui
    2: Activity date: It should not be too long within 15 days,
    three three The purpose of activities:
    1. Use activities to attract more new customers to enter the store to consume, thereby expanding the customer base and increasing the overall turnover of the store;
    2. At the same time, it is appropriate to guide customers through a series of promotional activities. Consumption or multi -project consumption to high value -added projects to increase customer unit price and profits;
    3. Let customers feel good and enhance the brand image of the store.
    . Activity content:
    Surprise 1: The top 5 per day, 1 yuan for hair cutting. The dyeing is low until the discount of "##".
    It hot when you want to do it. During the event, the top 5 customers consume the original price of 380 yuan Digital perm can enjoy the discount of "##".
    Surprise 2: A care of the value of value#all over 168, a set of inverted films with a value of 480 delivery,
    -rechargeable 300ml of home 300ml shampoo, a bottle In the nursing of value ## 理 once,
    is recharged 500 yuan to send a bottle of 300ml shampoo of the value ## 元, a bag of milk therapy for value ## 元,
    Surprise 3: Add: Add 28 yuan "=" 88 yuan "
    The consumption of 88 yuan during the event, plus 38 yuan to purchase the original price of 88 yuan, that is, the saving 50 yuan; buying other hairdressing products of more than 88 yuan can be discounted by 50 yuan, and the specific participation in the event product products Please consult with the clerk.
    Surprise 4: Summer package selection, beautiful and more exciting
    , __bing 280 yuan __ dye 280 yuan __ care 65 yuan original price 625 yuan, event preferential price 420 yuan
    "You can group and multiple sets"
    : Activity site layout:
    , door:
    1), poster/_ display rack: The content of the activity of the shop at the door of the shop " _D display rack "or suspension/ post -sticker activity poster;
    ), banner:" Opening Daishui Guci Gucai Booth "at the door is low as low as ##,
    , store inside:
    1) Poster/ _ display rack: The content of the activity "_ display rack" next to the cashier of the front desk. The product is "88 yuan" or painted with the "___ yuan" explosion label
    6: The training of employees, explanations of the activity content, what to sell, and the enthusiasm of employees "The benefits of employees can get" r
    Wei store Activity Plan 3
    . Activity theme: "Colorful May 1st, Five Surprise Broadcasting"
    . Activity Date: April 26-May 8th
    Three three The purpose of activity:
    1. Use activities during the May Day to attract more new customers to enter the store, thereby expanding the customer base and increasing the overall turnover of the store;
    2. At the same time, through a series of promotional activities Properly guide customers to consume or multi -project consumption to high value -added projects, increase customer unit price and profits;
    3. Let customers feel good and enhance the brand image.
    . Event content:
    surprise surprises One: The top 5 per day, as low as 5.1 %
    It hot when you want to do it. During the event period, the top 5 customers consume the original price of 380 yuan in digital perm can enjoy 5.1 % discount. Give 51, consume over 480 and get 150
    Disposal consumption over 168 yuan (or recharge 200 yuan) to get 51 yuan of cash vouchers;
    The cash vouchers of 150 yuan for one -time consumption over 480 yuan (or recharge of 500 yuan).
    Surprise 3: Add "51 yuan" = "88 yuan"
    The consumption of 80 yuan (or recharge 200 yuan) during the event, plus 51 yuan to buy the original price of 88 yuan Other hairdressing products above 88 yuan can be discounted at 37 yuan. Please consult the clerk for specific participation products.
    Surprise 4: Summer package selection, beautiful and more exciting
    2, __bing 280 yuan __ dye 280 yuan __ care 65 yuan original price 625 yuan, event preferential price 420 yuan
    five five , Explanation of the content of the activity content:
    Surprise one explanation instructions:
    1. Surprise one mainly attracts customers to enter the store with discounts and create sales opportunities; Please set according to the actual situation of this store;
    . This discount project is only an attraction point for attracting customers to enter the store. Try not to use the main project to discount the project. After the customer enters the store, you only need to inform the customer that there is this activity. Recommend higher -end projects or packages to customers.
    Note: Some branches with poor business can set up projects with certain profits in this way.
    Surprise II Explanation:
    1. Surprise II uses full consumption cash vouchers to stimulate customers to consume or recharge at the same time. At the same time, sending cash vouchers can attract customers to return to consumption within two months;
    , 2, 2, 2, The cash voucher of 51 yuan facial value cannot be used in washing, cutting blowing and special projects/ packages. Each time is limited to one, you cannot cash, do not set up redemption, you cannot use it with other preferential activities at the same time, effective use period: May 18th: May 18th -July 18;
    3, 150 yuan of cash vouchers cannot be used in washing, cutting blow, special project/ package, each time is limited to one, cannot be cash, no redemption, no other discounts cannot be with other discounts. Event use at the same time, effective use period: May 18th-July 18th.
    4. The consumption over 168 or 480 refers to the amount of the customer's checkout. When the ticket is delivered, if the customer cannot accept a cash voucher of 150 yuan, you can send three cash vouchers with a face value of 51 yuan instead of 150 yuan face value. cash coupons. When the customer enters the store, pick up employees to remind customers in a timely manner to spend 168 yuan or recharge more than 200 yuan to get 51 yuan cash voucher, consumption over 480 yuan or recharge 500 yuan to get 150 yuan cash vouchers, gratitude for customers to consume or recharge the corresponding amount full of corresponding amounts , Guide customers to consume high -profile project packages.
    Surprise three explanations:
    1. Surprise three uses 51 yuan to buy 88 yuan product discount to attract customers and promote product takeaway sales;
    . Specific products are based on the situation of the store according to the situation of the store. Set yourself on your own. Each branch puts the original price of about 88 yuan in the conspicuous position of the cashier, and puts the "__ yuan" explosion sticker on the product packaging. When the customer buys 80 yuan, the receiver reminds the customer to add 51 yuan to buy 88 yuan product;
    Surprise Four explanation instructions:
    1. Surprise four packages selection to enhance the sales of packages, increase customer unit price or special package to attract customers, increase turnover
    2. 2. Specific package combinations and price stores can be set according to the actual situation of their own stores. Passenger source is sufficient. 3. The branches that have been available for beauty projects can be carried out by hairdressing beauty project packages or beauty sets;
    . The setting of the package is suitable for 2-3, and the setting of the package is "Summer Maintenance/ Summer Summer/ Summer "Beauty" package is the concept.
    For the above five surprises, the stores can choose the main push of the 2 major surprises according to the actual actual operation of the store, and at the same time, according to the weight of the main push, the sort of surprise is 1 to five. In addition, for some of the usual number of customers, the number of units with a low unit price can refer to one of the above activities in the event project.
    as: surprise __: refreshing summer, a value -for -money hairstyle design card 100 yuan/5 times
    5 times of hairstyle design 200 yuan, a value hairstyle design card 100 yuan 5 times, scrubbing, 100 yuan Yuan
    Analysis instructions:
    1. This surprise uses multiple washing and cutting card discounts as attracted points to attract customers to consume within a few months after the holiday;
    . Specific price projects Each store is adjusted according to the actual situation;
    3. The hairstyle design card is valid before October.
    The front and back samples of the hairstyle design card:
    IV each store can selectively replace the relevant content of the five major surprises according to the situation of the store. Select the branches of the hairstyle design card. Plan 2 "Modified and adjusted!
    6. Propaganda of activities:
    1. SMS notification: SMS prompts to send
    . SMS content 4 to 2 days before the event (for membership of this shop) : "Colorful May 1st, Shangyi __ The five stores are waiting for you, you can send 51 to 51, and there are multiple discounts to send it. For details, please call 8000008 or visit our store"
    B. SMS content (external external content Customer use): "Colorful May Day, Shangyi Five Surprise Waiting for you, consumption of 168 can be sent 51, and there are multiple discount serial delivery. : Sending external customers can send text messages to the mobile/ Unicom user platform of the information company.
    2. Outdoor distribution order: (refreshing attachment)
    A. Dating time: start 3 days before the start of the event
    B. Location of distribution: commercial areas and residential houses within 1,000 meters around the store District, densely flowing places (such as the gate of the mall, the residential area of ​​the residential area, the road interface, etc.), as well as government departments, enterprises and institutions, large groups, financial institutions, entertainment venues, colleges and universities, etc.
    C. Division method: Sub -restaurant leaders lead employees to send a large number and supervise employees to send quantities and quality;
    D. Differential discourse: Hello, we Shangyi Beauty Beauty "May Day" festival to engage in promotional activities There are five major surprises. If customers are interested in understanding, briefly explain the relevant discount content with the customer and introduce the specific geographical location of our store.
    3, DM single -page clip report:
    Is contact the delivery station of the newspaper, and choose to send a promotional sheet page for the real estate community and the newspapers of the residential area within 5 kilometers around the store. (Note: Store customer resources are limited, and more customers need to attract more customers to choose the method of DM single -page "clipping", but the newspaper should not choose "Daily Newspaper" to be reported in the newspaper/ newspaper stall sales point. Good choice of the delivery station of the newspaper)
    7. Activity site layout:
    1, the door:
    1), poster/_ display rack: the content of the shop at the door of the shop "_ display rack" or Suspension/ post -stickers activity poster; (refresh attachment)
    2), banner: "colorful May 1st, five major surprises, as low as 5.1 %, 51 free 51" content (banner recommended for use is recommended Light box cloth material);
    A, cloth strip design effect:
    B, the design effect of the cloth strip strip scatter:
    , the store:
    1), poster/_ display frame: The content of the activity "_ display rack" next to the front desk, the prominent position in the store hangs the May Day event poster; Poster "88 yuan" or coat the "___ yuan" explosion label.
    8. Event training and event execution requirements:
    1. The manager seizes the training by himself to convey to employees to attract customers' attention with "five major surprises", and then focus on the customer to focus on the store in the store. The idea of ​​"surprise content" must let every employee understand the relevant content of the activity;
    2. Strengthen the concept of sales of employees' activities, focus on attracting customers with the five -one surprise discount, and appropriately Mainly push the key main primary activities of the five major surprises;
    3. The manager analyzes the operation methods of various surprises based on the content of the POP poster, and instructed employees how to inform customers related activities related to the activity; r;
    4. The store manager adjusts according to the plan of the manager and conducts corresponding training training for employees;
    5. Select takeaway products that can participate in the event two days before the activities of the manager, and refine the selling point of the product, especially a little prominent Customers need in the summer of maintenance, maintenance and other aspects to refine the selling points of the product, and do a good job of training for takeaway products. At the same time, the total goal of the store's daily goals is decomposed. At the daily party/ morning meeting, the supervisor or the store manager summarizes the promotional activities of the day/ the day before, point out the shortcomings, and the proper and proper cousin is bad. Criticism;
    9. Cost budget
    1, DM publicity bill page (refresh attachment) Printing and production costs: 5000 pieces => 1000 yuan
    2. Cash coupon printing costs: => 150 yuan
    3, DM publicity singles page folding fees: 2000 => 300 yuan (all your own employees send this penalty)
    4. Promotion poster, explosion flowers, _ display racks, banners and other production costs : => 200 yuan
    Note: The number of above advertising materials is increased or decreased according to the situation of the store, and the cost of activity costs is for reference only.

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