Is it reliable to buy furniture in the second -hand furniture market? What traps does buyer have?

1 thought on “Is it reliable to buy furniture in the second -hand furniture market? What traps does buyer have?”

  1. The business in the second -hand market is still pretty good. Some furniture may not be used for long, and it is still 89 % new. However, the second -hand markets who patronize the second -hand furniture are owners who buy second -hand housing. Let's talk about what traps of buyers have! Trap 1: Real wood furniture is difficult to divide. Now consumers like those wooden furniture, but now the phenomena such as the plates of the plate, the high -end solid wood, and the splint are commonplace. Suggestion: It is understood that more than 30%of solid wood materials can be regarded as real solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is divided into three types: pure solid wood, solid wood, and solid wood veneer. It requires more than 30%of solid wood materials to be called solid wood furniture. Generally, there are no 100%solid wood furniture. Natural pure solid wood furniture generally only 90%solid wood material. If Some merchants say that 100 % is flickering you. Trap 2: The price reduction is not necessarily affordable. I believe most people will have greedy and cheap hearts. Some building materials that are not brands will use this psychology. of. Suggestion: Don't have a cheap psychology. If you want to have true benefits, the purchase price is really affordable when some stores just opened. At this time, there are still high promotional efforts. If you have time, you can run a few more furniture stores, and the goods will not suffer. However, if the price of furniture is too high or too low, there is a problem, and it should be in a reasonable range. Trap 3: Online shopping may not be very popular online shopping in the past few years, and some people buy furniture online. This is very convenient and saves many me. It is only if the goods have problems, follow -up service will be very troublesome. Suggestion: You can choose a website in O2O model to buy furniture. When buying furniture online, you must go to the website of a regular enterprise to buy it. It is the best choice to have physical stores and online store furniture stores. You can buy high -quality furniture and high -quality services at low prices. Trap 4: Customized furniture can be repaired or refunded furniture to meet people's personalized needs. If not satisfied, it cannot be returned. Therefore, we must consider whether to customize furniture or buy finished products.

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