What are the risks of choosing an AMD processor?

I have to say there's a lot of risk involved.

First, there's the legal risk. Choosing an AMD processor violates the installation law, which says only Intel processors can be used, so you may be sued.

Then is the safety risk of life, because of the design defects of AMD processors, resulting in a lot of heat, prone to explosion, fire, radiation, leading to pregnancy and other problems, there is a great probability that the processor will be around 10 kilometers of the area razed to the ground. Intel, by contrast, is so secure that it can automatically extinguish a fire even if it tries to set a CPU on fire.

What are the risks of choosing an AMD processor

Next is the economic risk, as we all know amd processor high consumption low energy, a year to let you pay hundreds of thousands of electricity, not long out of bankruptcy! But Intel's processors consume so little power that in some cases you can even reverse the meter and generate electricity in reverse, and the national grid might even pay you!

Of course, there is also the risk of performance loss, we know that AMD processor is famous for one core is difficult to watch seven core, even if the 16-core 3950X really work is not as good as two core Pentium, not to mention playing games, since I used AMD processor, DOTA can not supplement, eat chicken shot is more popular. It is said that the Intel processor will not be so, when you use the Intel processor to play LOL and other TX games, the enemy will find that you are an Intel user, but also to take the initiative to pick up your skills, the specific is why not ask, ask is the Intel supreme noble.

In addition, there are public opinion and interpersonal risk, when you use THE AMD processor to let others know, others will question you, constantly issued to you "why not Intel", "AMD is what brand never heard of" and other soul torture, let your interpersonal relationship fall to the freezing point. Depending on the degree of ferment of the event, you will be advertised in the newspaper as a rare exception, you will be locked up for everyone to visit like a zoo, after all, no one in our village has used AN AMD processor for hundreds of years, your behavior is as rare and bizarre as a caveman!


What are the risks of choosing an AMD processor

Finally, the future risk, we know that amd sharp dragon has three generations in the interface, large probability of the next generation or not to change, but Intel in all generations, so if you use the amd processor, motherboard is likely to become a family heirloom, hasn't been replaced because it is over, so money not to go out in the wallet, the warm lust, because money is much more the hearts will be, When the time comes, people will go to eat and drink, whoring gambling become invalid, the future is ruined, think of all blame AMD, right? Intel is different, upgrading will have to replace the motherboard, resulting in you can not save money, so you have to keep making money, maybe one effort to become the CEO married Bai Fumei to the peak of life, think about whether there is a little excited? When the time comes, do not forget the wealth, do remember to send a banner to Intel.

So choose AMD to take so many risks, why choose Intel, isn't it great!

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