AMD CPU how to choose?

Surprisingly, this year it looks like the 6XXX is the order of the year.

68H is similar to 12500h (but the 12 generation IU core and 3 cache are better than Zen3+ AU, more like playing online games students buy 12 generation IU go), 45W 12700H is similar to 68H.

The 6800H generation mainly optimizes the scheduling and ionization performance, and optimizes the temperature performance step by step.

AMD CPU how to choose

The overall performance isn't much better than the 5800H, but the experience is up to par.

Core display is very strong, 1050Ti level, play not eat configuration of the game is enough.

On the contrary, It is Intel's design of large and small core. The small core does not reflect the energy consumption advantage, and it is pure reactor core, which is a bit disappointing.

And Win11 is also a let a person a difficult thing, Win11 +Intel size core scheduling =...

Of course, compared to the previous generation, this generation of Intel's single-core performance is significantly improved, thanks to the chip area, heat can be better distributed, and the core display has added some productivity-related things, ok.

AMD CPU how to choose

This year's products are expected to have no standard 32G memory products, or to continue to wait.

I really don't want to ruin the warranty and add ram, but these thin and light tablets are too much of a bully, so I'd love to give them a custom channel...

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