I7-12700h and R7-6800H, how big is the difference between these two CPUS?

Now many people like to assemble their own computers, and i7-12700H and R7-6800H these two CPUS are many people's priority choice level is relatively high, so how big is the gap between these two CPUS?

First of all, Intel has always had the traditional advantage of single-core performance. Taking the well-known CPU-Z test results as an example, even the 80W R7-6800H notebook is inferior to the 75W I7-12700H, and even the I5-12500H is better than it, leading by 15-20%. 12 generation core mobile version of this year, the performance is very strong, the i5-12500 - h can basically sharp dragon's second full 5000 series, and in the case of notebook generally strengthened heat this year, generally can run into and the power consumption of the power consumption, whether for game, or for productivity, is a huge ascension, also brought the biggest drawback: expensive.

I7-12700h and R7-6800H, how big is the difference between these two CPUS?In general, who runs the score is higher, the performance is basically stronger, i7-12700H single-core data and multi-core data are more than R7-6800H many, about 10%~20% higher. The R7-6800H is only inferior to the i5-12500H of the 12th generation Core in terms of running score, and even the multi-core performance is still inferior to the I5-12500H.

The R7-6800H is not much of an improvement over its predecessor, but in fact we can see an improvement in support of DDR5 memory and PCIE4.0 SSD. It does not have the same mixed-core architecture design as the core 12, but it will be much cheaper than the i7-12700H overall.

But in addition to the core display, R7-6800H multi-core can only be compared with i5-12500H, i7-12700H will certainly be defeated, but playing games is enough.

The performance of the R7-6800H is basically the same as the i5+12500H and about 20% worse than the I7-12700H, but it is cheaper.

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