CPU of the construction of large factory

CPU is a very important computer equipment, that you know at home and abroad which make CPU famous factory?

1, Intel

The big brother of the CPU world, made the first CPU in history. Its main products from the original Intel4004, 8088, then introduced the Pentium series: Pentium Pro, Pentium III and so on. In addition, the most used Core series, especially the Core 2, has become the first choice to buy CPU.

2, the godson

Loongson adopts MIPS architecture, which started late and has a high degree of autonomy, mainly in PC, industrial control, special classes and embedded scenarios, as well as servers, but its multi-core performance is slightly lower than that of other vendors.

Now the latest stream of this year's third generation 5000 series using 14nm process, the main frequency of 2.5ghz, performance has been improved, can be used in server and terminal scenarios, positioning is Intel Core and Zhiqiang series.

CPU of the construction of large factory

3, AMD

The only company that can be compared to Intel. It specializes in designing and manufacturing a variety of innovative microprocessors (cpus, Gpus, APUs, motherboard chipsets, TV card chips, etc.), flash memory and low-power processor solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries.

At the same time, AMD is currently the only industry can provide high-performance CPU, high-performance independent graphics card GPU, motherboard chipset three components of the semiconductor company.

4, the fit

Feiteng start in the domestic calculation early, in the server market accounted for relatively high, the company background is also more powerful.

It can reach 64 core 2.3GHz on high-performance CPU, and has good performance in desktop and embedded system. Overall performance and stability are good, because it is based on ARM architecture and equipped with Kirin operating system, which has good compatibility.

5, Cyrix

Once the world's second largest CPU company, but AMD and Intel competition, gradually out of the market. It has also acquired production lines and technology from VIA and AMD, respectively.

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