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  1. The industry is related to the small factories of various large factories in Foshan. It has been qualified to spew it at the tile e -commerce company.
    The length of this strategy, composed of two parts, including the industry vomiting and horizontal evaluation chapters. I hope that after reading it, you can have a deep understanding of the product of tiles to avoid stepping on more pits. If you have any questions about buying tiles, you can leave a comment, and I will answer them one by one.
    first throwing the conclusion:
    1. If you are a rich tyrant, go to Foshan to find a super -first -line big brand to buy their expensive bricks, the quality will not be problematic;
    2 Most local stores, especially the provinces that are farther away from Guangdong, the higher the chance of buying fakes;
    3, the highest cost performance, is a factory product for large manufacturers and above and above products. Essence
    4, buying tiles online, there are indeed conscience shops, but there are still a lot of pits;
    5, currently online, including some, good live, small x book, etc. They are all bullish;
    . The true meaning of the tile market
    is good, now little by little.
    The first, no need to explain, the valuable price of the front -line factories is expensive. This item is only suitable for local tyrants. It is very likely that the price of 5-6 times the same quality is very likely.
    The second, tell a story to understand. A factory where it was used is a small and famous. A relative of a senior manager agents one of the products of the brand and opened a store in Hunan. This relative has hardly placed orders in the factory, and has been complaining that the market is poor, but since the store is opened, the house has bought a few sets, and a few luxury cars have been bought. We visited the store. Essence
    Why? The cost of the cottage is about 10 pieces (800 bricks), and the carton can be 2-3 pieces. You feel the middle profits in the middle.
    The more difficult it is to be away from Guangdong. Many brand exhibition halls are opened in the field of tiles in Foshan. In order to make money, the local clerks are requested to go out without passing the store. We have heard a lot of things.
    of course, there are still conscience shops or conscience clerks, but how much is there in this industry where the water is deep and the product cannot fulfill the positive body?
    The highest cost performance is the factory product of the middle -end and above products of the large factory
    This is a thing that people in the industry know clearly, especially the foreign trade company likes and this like this Factory cooperation, good product quality, preferential prices, and low awareness of foreign customers. Generally, such factories have their own brands and help other brands. Their shipments are relatively loose. As long as they do not produce brand cartons and base products, they do not harm the interests of local brand agents, you can sell anywhere in the country.
    (Classic foreign trade packaging, only English signs on the carton, no logo on the back of the tiles, no manufacturer information and contact formula, customers cannot skip foreign trade companies to find manufacturers)
    Relatives have told me that a big brand (CCTV often advertises the kind) to find their foundry, and even requires reducing product standards to leave the factory. The reason is that their founders are high or low, and they must be sold at the same level to the market.
    The quality of such tiles in the market because of this appearance and packaging standards can be done. Therefore, the quality of their bricks can be assured of companies produced by large -scale foundry. And their products with the same quality standards as big brands can be 30%or more cheaper, so the cost performance is the highest.
    But you can tell everyone that you can't find such a factory if you don't know people.
    Fourth, the current tile store of online shopping tiles is nothing more than three types
    1, brand store direct operation
    2, e -commerce brand
    3, personal shop
    Let ’s talk about these three types of shops
    1, the brand is directly operated, which represents similar
    models similar to Xinzhongyuan, Ou Shennuo, etc. There are local pickups and Foshan shipments. The delivery must be genuine.
    If believe in the brand, this is one of the options. But you can clearly tell you that their stores are definitely not the most cost -effective products. There are hundreds of ceramic companies in Foshan's novels, and some companies even have 3-4 brands. Why do so many brands, in today's mature development of e-commerce, only more than 10 people operate?
    The key reason is the interests of complicated agents and related persons.
    Once the product is open to the Internet, the price is transparent, and all agents have no money to make. And the agent's performance brought by the tile company every year is counted in 100 million. Who dares to open this mouth and stab this knife on his wallet? This is the fact that the entire industry knows.
    Most of the bosses of ceramic companies are too lazy to do the business of e -commerce. Not only do you need a new team to operate, but also the risks are high. If you are not careful, the agent may reflect the water.
    Even the big brand currently on sale, you go to the exhibition hall of Foshan to see, which one is not thousands of styles, but they can only sell a few of them, and they are homogeneous and quality. Facing bulk money. They must leave new and profits for their agents to avoid damage to the interests of agents.
    2, the own e -commerce brand
    is actually very easy to understand. All e -commerce ownership brands are found to be replaced by manufacturers and replaced their own brand packaging sales. Because they have no production capacity.
    So the quality of this type of shops can be said to be uneven, the key is the source of this shop. If you are lucky, you will encounter the third point I said to help the products produced by large brands of foundry. Poor luck, encounter products specializing in small workshops. I used to work in a certain type of shop. In order to increase profits, after the sales volume came up, the supplier was replaced with a small workshop producing the same model.
    3, personal shop
    In fact, most of the personal shops, most of them are part -time in the tile industry personnel. If people outside the industry go to the tile factory to get the goods, there is no tens of millions of dollars, and there is no way to get its agency price or preferential price. This is a big risk investment for any individual. And employees have a way to ship a small amount on the basis of low prices. This is the advantage of their personal stores. In terms of quality, it mainly depends on the nature of the factory where the employee is located.
    (Tiles on a certain treasure, the price is from more than 30 to 100)
    . The eggs of market education
    will open a title separately to indicate that the tile market education is now The big.
    Summary, the current strategy of looking for tiles on the Internet, found nothing in two aspects:
    . What is the current well -known brand;
    . Test method: Use the key: the key: Scrape, sprinkle the water to the back, knock on the sound, write with oil -based pen and write, and wipe it clean. Will it be crushed to find a few people or a car pressure;
    Said: "The boss gave me a brick, I took a car with a car and looked at it."
    In the boss is this expression
    lament, all are unreliable methods, but all brands and all brand vendors and all The sellers all promoted such methods tacitly. Many unknown public accounts, Du Niang copied and pasted widely, was widely circulated, and the owners of one family were pitted.
    It thinks the most important, and the most important factors that affect your flooring quality and beauty are three points
    1. Water absorption rate; 2. Surface hardness; 3. Anti -impact ability;
    1, first water absorption rate
    What does the water absorption rate affect? The easiest example is to affect your floor how many years will change color! The picture below is the address of the house when I rented a house before, probably about 4-5 years after the decoration
    (the focus was not very clear when taking pictures at that time, it was very obvious)
    This black dirty dirt How did the trace come? That is, the sewage after daily cleaning is infiltrated between the gaps between the bricks and the bricks. This kind of discoloration is irreversible, and the focus is irreversible and cannot be cleared!
    Tile tiles are burned products. No matter how dense tiles are, the embryo always has a gap small hole, which is also the reason for the tile absorption. Therefore, the tile with a low water absorption rate may occur for a long time, which may be 20 or 30 years later. The higher the tiles with a high water absorption rate, the more prone to the edge discoloration.
    It can be imagined that the water in the gap requires dozens of hours to evaporate. Bricks with low water absorption rates absorb less before the water evaporates, otherwise it absorbs much. At present, the test method of water absorption rate is basically allowed to pour water to the bottom of the brick to see if there are signs of absorption
    (online water absorption rate test method)
    Puk! At present, the national standard of porcelain bricks requires a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Even if the brick is 1%-3%, it is impossible to see the phenomenon of water traces penetrating when the naked eye visible! Only porcelains with a water absorption rate of more than 10%will see the water tracks slowly penetrate, so this method can only be used to respectively, the comparison of the water absorption rate of tiles is useless. In other words, according to this method, the water absorption rate of all tiles is very good!
    2, surface hardness, that is, the ability to resist scratch and abrasion.
    The greater the surface hardness, the greater the resistance of the abrasion. The role of the surface hardness will experience the damage of the sand and iron nails from the decoration. When you stay in, the various furniture moves the damage to it.
    Surface hardness is a major indicator of tile self -protection. During the decoration process, even if a protective membrane is affixed to the ground, it is not possible to avoid sand and stones in contact with tiles. The destructive power of the sand is very large (don't tell me you don't know the hardness of the sand). If you don't want to be full of scratches when the floor you just finish, then choose a product with higher surface hardness. What are the mainstream cheating test methods on the Internet? See the following figure
    (Scratching test on the Internet, nothing more than using knives and keys for testing)
    This can be tested with ghosts!
    This tiles have a set of surface hardness standards, which is Mo's hardness. Generally, glaze tiles can reach level 5 or more. Generally, such art knives and keys, their hardness is only 3-4 levels. It is strange to test high-hardness products with low hardness materials.
    (Mo's hardness table)
    3, anti -impact ability
    simple understanding is the ability to resist heavy objects to fall on tiles, cracks and damage. The following is an example of my landlord's house.
    (The house rented in the past, there was a collapse on the ground)
    (occasionally discovered when I went to someone else's office, took a picture by the way)
    Make up, you say this is my home, the New Year and the New Year can see that the cold is not cold. In daily life, some heavy objects fall to the ground are still common. The better the impact resistance, the less this situation appears.
    The no feasible test method on the Internet.
    This so many, the online method should not be a pit father, or not, what should I do? There are ways to give everyone a test solution for the quality level of tiles!
    . Data testing scheme
    The tools that need to be prepared are
    1, baking be load -bearing weight, the recommended maximum range of 2kg, 0.1g of score;
    2, Mo's hardness pen, a certain certain There are hundreds of pieces on the treasure, and there are
    3, solid stainless steel, dozens of pieces
    The test ideas: Now the tile seller on the e -commerce platform can basically take free small samples. The specifications are generally generally the specifications. 10cmx20cm, or 15cmx15cm, etc., only need to pay the corresponding freight. Select a few products you like (or the same level) of the same price (or the same level), come back for a horizontal comparison test;
    1, water absorption rate
    The weight test sample weight and record. Soak the test sample in the water completely, ensure that the back is unobstructed for about 48 hours. Take it out and wipe it clean, and let the air dry for about 1 hour on both sides to ensure that there are no water droplets on the tiles to affect the test results. Weighing again.
    The test 48-hour water absorption rate = (weight after soaking-before soaking weight)/Before soaking weight
    2, surface hardness test
    Gradually increase the level until scratches appear.
    3, anti-impact test
    The stainless steel solid balls with a diameter of 50mm and a weight of 500g, starting from a height of 10cm, dropped the impact sample tiles, and increased by 1-2cm each time.
    The online test surface flatness, four -sided flatness, etc., why not test? There are two reasons:
    1. The flatness of all the samples you see in the exhibition hall is absolutely okay. If you have any questions, you will still be placed in the exhibition hall? The small model bought by the e -commerce platform has no meaning of testing because it is not a whole piece.
    2. At present, the flatness is a relatively mature technology. The uneven products are basically screened in the quality inspection. It is marked as a secondary product. You can buy a batch of uneven ones, indicating that the agent/online store you bought, and you have entered a batch of goods cheaply. So please be alert to products that are too cheap.
    The test method above, eliminate the qualitative judgment method of all the naked eye, use quantitative data operations, and speak with data. Under the minimum cost, all indicators of dataization!
    The choice of tiles is really not as complicated as you think. Pick your eyes close to you, use the visual testing method, and cut a suitable price, then you can.
    Next, there will be Chapter 2 of this strategy -horizontal test. Select 15 brand tiles, apply the above test methods, and do horizontal testing. The idea in your mind is to use the test data of well -known brand samples as a benchmark to see what the quality differences between well -known brands and e -commerce brands, small shops, etc. How many.
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    The insiders talk about choosing tiles -horizontal test
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