How to choose CPU in the second half of this year?

Coming up in late September and early October, both AMD and Intel are likely to have big dramas.

AMD will bring us the new ZEN4 series and the new AM5 motherboard.

Intel is bringing an even stronger 13 gen.

In fact, there are still two months to go before the launch, and both beta versions have been released, and most of them have logged into the scoring software.

Which one should we look forward to as consumers?


On July 15, someone found OPN code "100-000000593-20_Y" in BaseMark database. After confirmation, this is a Ryron 7000 series chip. This U has 6 core and 12 specification parameters.

In running tests, this 7600X is 10% ahead of AMD's current top 5950X in 3D Benchmark rendering tests. It seems that AMD has not squeezed the tooth paste in this wave.

Wait, you don't really think the 7600X is 10% better than the 5950X. Remember that the ES version is measured at 4.4ghz, and the 4.4ghz 6C12T is better than the 16C32T 5950X. CPU also only counts single core.

How to choose CPU in the second half of this year?

It is not clear whether the 5950X tested is in silent or PBO mode, but according to the parameters released by AMD, the performance improvement of Zen4 compared to Zen3 IPC is very small, only 8% to 10%, more through increasing the frequency to improve performance.

But compared to Zen3, Zen4's frequency is likely to exceed 5.5ghz with 5nm technology.

In addition, COMPARED to Intel, AMD has a 3D stack technology, if the launch of a more affordable 3D stack Zen4, is also very fragrant (game performance is likely to exceed 13 generations).


Compared to AMD, 13 generation core broke the news thoroughly much, especially I5 13600K data is very good

Running at 5.1Ghz, the I5 13600K has 14 cores and 20 threads, consisting of 6 P cores +8 E cores.

You may not know what this score means, so let's see, okay

The score of single-core is very good in 2012, and the score of multi-core 16000 is close to the 5950X of 4.9ghz, which is a monster of 16C32T. Under the premise of less than 12 frames, 13600K is close to the 5950X of 4.9ghz in full state, which is really very strong.

However, we find that the performance of the 13th generation has hardly improved compared with that of the 12th generation. The 12th generation single core running time of 5.2ghz is 1987 and the 13th generation single core running time of 5.1ghz is 2012. This IPC performance may be an error. Basically, we can think of the 13th generation as the improved version of the 12th generation with the increase of E core and the increase of frequency. Both of them are using the Intel 7 process (Intel 10nm) with high multi-core running score, but the process is more mature, more E core is plugged in, and a small amount of cache is increased. The actual game experience will not be much different from the 12th generation.

To be honest, if only look at the running score, AMD is really terrible, terrible, 13 generation is really very beautiful, picked up the E core, multi-core really strong. But if you think about it, AMD's 3D stack is really strong, and the fact that the 5800X 3D has the same game performance as the 12900K when the single core and multiple cores are far lower than their competitors is outrageous in itself. This generation of Zen4 will probably also be available, depending on whether the price is right.

Of course, if you're not a hardcore gamer, mineless GEN 13 will do, but if you want to experience the best gaming CPUS, wait and see if AMD can use 3D stacking on the Zen4 and drive the price down.

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