How can women enjoy sex? How to prevent premature ejaculation in men?

How to make women have decent sex? Sex is the most personal of arts, but many people's sex lives are routine, which makes sex increasingly dull. ​Then how do you get women to have great sex?

First, how to let women enjoy the beauty of sex

1. Give her a sexy pair of underwear

If you think plain underwear is too old-fashioned, opt for sexy underwear. Find a time when it looks like you don't want to have sex, like when you're eating at a restaurant, and hand it to her under the table and ask her to go to the bathroom and shift. It seemed exaggerated, but little by little the door to her desire began to open. Of course, it's not recommended to use this technique on a first date.

2. Hug her until she wants to leave

Master kissers turn women on best, but don't underestimate the power of a warm hug, especially if she initiates it. Let her know you don't want to stop hugging her. Or perhaps you want to hug sex dolls under $500.

3. Her name is on the tip of my tongue.​

Women like men to call them by their first names. The more special her name is, the better. For example, call her name in the middle of a sentence and write her name on your shoulder so she can see anything on your hand. It's a painless tattoo, but it gives people pleasure. It'll make her happy. She'll feel like you care.

4. Whisper in her ear

In public and at parties, tell her what you want to do in the future: Tonight, I will make you orgasm. For women, this interaction is simply as exciting as the actual battle.

5. Send cards instead of flowers

A bunch of flowers in the office are a bit old-fashioned. If you want something special, send a card. This kind of clever thinking makes your partner want you when they're not having sex. Start with a thank you card, writing details about things you never got a chance to thank her for, making breakfast for you on Sunday morning, cleaning up that beard that fell in the bathroom. The woman you praise during the day will return the favor at night.

6. Put her picture in your wallet

One of the seemingly common things to do is to hide a picture of her in your wallet. It's tiny, but it's extremely rewarding. Women naturally want to look around for things. When she turned over her purse or caught a glimpse of it, it was no doubt her secret delight.

7. Tell her why you love her.​

Everyone will say I love you, but it's difficult for a man in love to explain why. ​Perhaps she nibbles chocolate gently, or her nose wrinkles a bit when she drinks a stiff drink. The more rare the reason you give her, the more special she'll feel.

8. Remember the details of your time together

If you want to have a perfect life tonight and in the future, you have to remember everything about that first time together: where you were, what she wore, what you talked about, how you felt. Always remember that this is a great thing and has numerous advantages.

9. ​Showoff your lovesickness

Leave love notes in numerous places around the room: the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror, and her pillow. These all-too-sweet gestures may make you feel pretentious, sour, and fake.

But when a man is genuinely in love, numerous of his actions have lost too much of their rational reference value. Most importantly, she will think you like a hurt lovesick boy.

10. Paint her lips

Helping a woman groom is a reverse action. She will feel decorated and served, which will also make her feel attracted to you by certain parts of her body. ​Alternative methods: Help her shave her feet, oil her toes and wash her hair. According to a foreign online survey, 76 percent of men wash their partner's hair.

Two, how to prevent male premature ejaculation

1, eat more seafood and zinc abundant food

Male semen contains a significant concentration of zinc, which can ensure male sexual function. In addition, it also helps to improve people's resistance to disease and effectively prevent premature ejaculation in men. It is recommended that white-collar men eat one or two apples a day.

2. Do more physical exercise

White-collar men may have less outdoor activities, in addition, may be due to social or work, irregular living habits, leading to the decline of immunity, thus increasing physical exercise, in addition to let men have a healthy body, energetic, but also increase the body oxygen content, increase testosterone secretion, can better supplement the energy of the reproductive system, This internally powerful effect far exceeds that of any healthcare drug.

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