In addition to the rice cooker, these five appliances are enough for the kitchen

If you want to talk about the variety and quantity of electrical appliances in the home, it is the kitchen!

As THE DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AND THE PROMOTION OF QUALITY OF people's lives, the kitchen is no longer like before, only simple kitchen electricity 3 pieces. Coffee machine, breakfast machine, electric oven, cooking machine, electric griddle, air fryer... More and more trendy fashion, powerful new small electrical appliances into thousands of households.

While these gadgets enrich our lives, they also bring us confusion when choosing. Through the "new terms" and "new functions" and the "sense of need" created by the merchants, many products are actually harvesting "IQ tax" unconsciously.

For example, the very popular fruit and vegetable washing machine claims that the machine and food ingredients for more than ten minutes can remove the agricultural residues, hormones, heavy metals and other harmful substances to the human body in the food ingredients.

In fact, the effect of its removal of agricultural residues is similar to that of water immersion and traditional manual washing, even better than washing clean. So - called broccoli water seepage, meat foam, such as purifying comparative experiments are not scientific. Soak for more than ten minutes and then rinse clean, not as direct as hand washing.

There is this automatic noodle machine. When you buy the original thinking convenient and easy, you can do fresh and clean noodles, but it is not easy. If there are any small mistakes, it will stick everywhere is easy to roll over, clean up is also very tiring, just give yourself trouble.

These are not practical electrical appliances, which cost money and occupy the storage space of the kitchen, increasing our burden.

The easiest way to evaluate whether an appliance is worth buying is to look at its frequency of use, simplicity and ease of use, and the promotion of happiness in life. All due respect: In addition to the rice cooker, the kitchen has these 5 kinds of electrical appliances. There is no need to buy too many, others are a waste of money!

The microwave oven
No matter how many Internet-famous Kitchen Appliances are out there, the microwave oven's place in the kitchen is unbeatable when it comes to defrosting meat and heating up meals.

And the function of the microwave oven is far more than these 2 aspects, such as rapid bubble hair dry goods, rapid peeling garlic, wet potato chips and seeds crisp and so on, only need to "ding" for a while, fast time saving.

Some of the rich functions can also make steamed vegetables, steamed fruit, steamed chicken custard, grilled chicken wings, baked pizza are no problem. But for most people, thawed and heated meals are probably used the most.

Without too much demand, choose the basic function of the mechanical knob rotary plate on the line. The price is not expensive, the operation is more simple, and the rotary plate heating is more uniform.

A lot of people feel that the microwave oven is not strong, because it is too common, as essential as rice cookers.

4a638b853befd6eff1c5690a12a57fb6The wall machine
Although the name of the broken wall machine has the suspicion of "gimmicky", as the upgraded version of the soybean milk machine mixer, the practical use is very strong. Its motor power is relatively large, faster speed, can deal with more kinds of food materials. take soybean milk as an example, the slag rate is smaller.

Many businesses always use "faster speed" as a selling point. In fact, it is not practical for most people, because high power and high speed wall breaking machines will also bring huge noise, affect the neighborhood, and low speed can also cut the food materials into enough to crush.

If there are babies or old people with weak digestion at home, the wall breaker is more practical. Nowadays, it is popular to use a micro wall breaking machine. The body is more compact and delicate, the quiet effect is good and saves space, but also can be paired with a health pot to cook a variety of sweet soup and scented tea.

For a small family, 300ml is just right. With the wall breaking machine, you can easily beat soy milk in the kitchen, and the taste is more delicate. Through the built-in intelligent program function, usually do corn juice, walnut peanut dew, rice paste, porridge, which are very convenient.

Appointment timing function, so winter can also sleep in for a while, get up can drink a cup of hot soy milk, nutrition and delicious. Of course, it's easy to make a health soup with it.

Steaming, baking and frying machines​
If you are a food lover and have a certain demand for baking, then the steaming, frying and baking machine is a good choice. A machine is equivalent to a steamer + oven + air fryer, perfect function and saves kitchen space. Of course, appearance level also needs to be considered.

To like cooking and home kitchen space is not big enough, the steam oven set pure steam, roast, steam, bake and fan air blast functions in an organic whole, can be convenient to make all sorts of home cooking and pastries, and can satisfy the need of baking and non Fried, and it also can food insulation, steam sterilization and constant temperature fermentation, etc., function is very powerful and practical.

Especially used to do steamed dishes, compared with the traditional stainless steel steamer, the capacity is large enough, the speed of steam, water vapor will not drop caused by the surface of the point pits. In addition, steaming vegetables is simple, compared with frying and frying. It can keep the original taste of food ingredients and lock nutrients to the greatest extent, and maintain the same shape.

The price of the steam oven is a little more expensive than the ordinary oven, because in addition to the more abundant functions, "can steam can roast" on the material requirements are also higher, basically stainless steel liner material.

Choose the steaming oven to pay attention to two points, 1, steam generation device. Preferentially choose independent direct spray type, this kind of steam continuous uniform, constant temperature, steamed out of the food tastes good, the cavity is not easy to water.

The outer disk evaporation type is to generate steam by heating the bottom evaporation plate, similar to a steamer, uneven heat easy to drip.

2, baking function. The best choice is to have the design of the heat pipe, and can independently control the temperature, so that you can deal with more kinds of food materials. The back with the function of air frying is also equipped with a heating pipe and a turbine fan, which can not only bake with multiple layers, but also have a better effect of 360 degrees hot air circulation baking.

The "air frying" function quickly removes moisture from the surface of the food, and does not need to be fried to achieve a similar crispy skin, which is very practical for people who love fried food and worry about obesity.

Fried chicken wings, French fries, chicken rice flowers, or roast sweet potatoes, chestnuts are particularly quick and delicious, the skin has a kind of charred fragrance, not to lose the charcoal barbecue.

For the choice of capacity, if the space is enough, the large capacity is more practical, because the large capacity is often configured and the design level is higher and more exquisite. But 26L is enough for a family of three.

Multi-function one-piece pot
Pot is one of the most popular categories in the kitchen: electric hot pot, electric pottery stove, electric barbecue oven and so on. If you don't like a particular way of cooking, a multifunctional pot is enough. Do not need too versatile, fried, boiled, stewed 3 basic functions sufficient.

Buy pot, or to return to the essence of the pot, good quality, durability is king. The choice of multifunctional pot is the most important coating quality. heat conduction should be fast, heat should be uniform, so as to achieve the application of various cooking scenes: frying, frying, braising, boiling, rinsing hot pot, doing Kanto cooking......

Non-stick liner with ceramic glaze coating, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are relatively good, can easily handle all kinds of food materials, and cleaning is also more simple.

With the fast pace of modern life and the use of multi-functional cooking POTS, it is not necessary to spend too much time making a delicious meal, whether it is for one person to eat alone or a small family dinner.

Meat grinder
The meat grinder can be said to be a small kitchen cooking artifact, dumplings, wontons or complementary food for children are inseparable from it. In addition to mincing meat, with some small tools, it can also cut vegetables, slice, shred, mix noodles, peel garlic, everything is proficient.

Compared with the traditional hand mincing, double 4 leaf blade meat mincer, hit out of the meat foam or garlic is more uniform and delicate, and only about 10 seconds can be broken into meat foam, especially suitable for dumplings, fried sauce noodles with meat and meat loose.

Equipped with a round soft rubber garlic peeling device, through the surface of the triangular convex block and high-speed rotation, easily achieve the effect of removing garlic skin, solving the problem of low efficiency of manual peeling garlic and easy to be contaminated with garlic smell.

It also comes with three kinds of slicing knife blades, which make it easy to slice potatoes or make a fruit salad by using the hand protector.

Meat mincer in cooking can save a lot of cooking time, simple operation and convenient use, can be said to be one of the necessary kitchen appliances.


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