Is CPU80 degrees normal

Often use computer friends will appear the problem of CPU overheating, overheating sometimes damage to the computer, especially when playing games often have a high temperature alarm detection software, affecting the fluency of the game. The following is about whether the CPU80 degree is normal.

Is the CPU80 degrees normal:

1. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of CPU standby is 20-50℃, (or lower) in the game is 50-90℃, the temperature is normal, but the highest does not exceed 85 degrees, the best temperature control below 75 degrees is considered safe;

2, need according to the CPU is in what circumstances at 80 degrees, if it is at rest, and there is no background active program runs, the CPU is 80 degrees, show your computer heat dissipation problems, usually check the CPU fan, thermal conductivity silicone grease or case inside the duct design is reasonable, whether to need to change the cooling fan of the stronger or water cooling, etc.;

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