What is the difference between DMX512 line light and ordinary LED line light

The main difference between DMX LED strip light and ordinary external control is the difference in signal transmission scheme.​

Mingo Lighting DMX LED strip lamp signal scheme is a parallel scheme, all lamps signal transmission is in parallel in a signal line, so that the signal transmission lamp can still be used normally after some or part of it is broken.

The signal of the ordinary external control line lamp is in series. If a lamp is broken in the signal along the way, the signal is interrupted in the lamp when the signal is transmitted to the bad lamp, and the signal cannot be transmitted to the lamp behind. A bad lamp affects the signal transmission of a whole way of lamp.


Ordinary external control and DMX LED strip light have advantages and disadvantages. In the selection should be based on the actual situation, the advantage is that DMX LED strip lights scheme is stable, after the installation of after-sales service can be avoided; ​the downside is that it's expensive.

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