What do you think about your boyfriend having a sex doll all the time?

Very NORMAL, that he is a normal man, and not long with the hand to solve the man, long with the hand to solve, single for a long time the man will be in bad health.​

And the man that has an inflatable doll, won't go looking for a young lady commonly, after having a true girlfriend can compare single-minded instead.

Don't mind, it's no problem.

Just a good toy that everyone can play with.

If you do mind, suggest an airplane cup instead. It will feel much better.


Or buy a sex doll 140cm to experience it.

And $300 for an airplane cup is the top of the line, while $2,000 for a life size sex doll is the entry point, so trial and error costs too much.

Because the aircraft cup product has evolved for many years, the TPE silicone used in the channel has been able to simulate the female channel well.

When it is used, it will not be as rough as using hands, and because the experience is the same as the real person, when you really have a girlfriend in the future, it will not be too different because of the drama.

And the plane cup is really cheap. Japan imports only a few to 300.

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