What are the advantages and characteristics of powder coating powder?

1. Powder coating powder is a new solvent free 100% solid powder coating. It has the characteristics of no solvent, NO pollution, recyclable, environmental protection, saving energy and resources, reducing labor intensity and high mechanical strength of the film. Here we mainly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of powder coating powder:

First, the main advantages of powder coating powder are:



1, powder coating powder does not contain organic solvents, to avoid the organic solvents brought about by fire, poisoning and unsafe transportation problems. Although there is a risk of dust explosion, as long as the dust concentration in the system is properly controlled, the explosion can be completely avoided;

2, there is no air pollution caused by organic solvents, in line with the requirements of preventing air pollution;

3. Powder coating powder is a 100% solid system, which can be used in a closed-circuit circulation system. Over-sprayed powder coating powder can be recycled and reused, and the utilization rate of coating can reach more than 95%;

4, powder coating powder resin molecular weight than the molecular weight of the solvent-based coating, so the performance and durability of the coating is greatly improved than the solvent-based coating;

5, powder coating powder in the coating, coating thickness can be controlled, a coating can reach 30 ~ 500μm thickness, equivalent to a few to a dozen coating thickness, reduce the amount of construction, not only conducive to energy saving, but also improve the production efficiency;

6, in the construction application, do not need to adjust the viscosity with seasonal changes; ​the construction operation is convenient, does not need very skilled operation technology, thick coating is not easy to produce flow hanging and other film malady; ​easy to implement automatic assembly line production;

7, easy to maintain the health of the construction environment, the powder attached to the skin can be blown off with compressed air or washed off with warm water, soap, do not need to use irritating cleaning agent;

8, powder coating powder does not use solvent, is an effective energy saving measure, because most of the solvent starting material is oil. Reduce the amount of solvent, directly save the consumption of raw materials.

Two, powder coating powder and coating also have the following shortcomings:

1. The manufacturing process of powder coating powder is more complex than that of general coating, and the manufacturing cost of coating is high;

2. The coating equipment of powder coating powder is different from that of general coating. The coating equipment of general coating can not be used directly.

3. The softening point of resin powder for powder coating powder is generally required to be above 80℃. When powder coating powder is manufactured by the melting method, the melting mixing temperature is higher than the softening point of resin, and the baking temperature during construction is higher than that during manufacturing.

In this way, the baking temperature of powder coating powder is much higher than that of general coating. And can not be painted with large equipment and heat sensitive substrate;

4, powder coating powder thick coating is easier, but it is difficult to thin coating to the thickness of (15 ~ 30) μm, resulting in excess function, waste of material;

5, the replacement of paint color, variety than the general paint trouble. When it is necessary to exchange colors frequently, the economy of production and construction of powder coating powder is seriously damaged, and the cleaning between colors is time-consuming. Powder coating powders are best suited for reasonably long running with powders of the same type and color.

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