The first hair extension, tangled is no trace or feather better?

Feather extensions are actually a type of hairless extensions.

There are three main hair extensions that are currently popular with hair extension manufacturer: adhesive extensions, clasp extensions and braids.

Each of the three methods has its own strengths. Among them, weaving techniques are newer and more natural.

Almost every type of connection lasts three to six months.

Feather hair extensions actually belong to the "braided" type of traceless hair extensions. Usually, human hair is hand-woven into the shape of feathers, so that the hair extensions are more compact and subtle, and the hair extensions will feel more natural and comfortable.

Feather hair extensions are divided into three types: no trace, no trace braid and silk hook extensions.


No trace of the piece: Advantages: hair fast, 30 minutes can be connected to the complete head.

Disadvantages: not easy to blow dry, easy to fall off when washing hair.

Over time, hair extensions will be exposed.

Traceless braid: Advantages: very strong and not easy to fall off, unless actively removed shortcomings:

(1) It is difficult to clean and blow dry.

(2) Do not wear short hair.

(3) The rubber band is easy to expose.

(4) Long a way of hair extensions, has been obsolete.

(5) Pull the scalp, easy to hurt hair.

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