What are the performance of various electronic components after damage

Electronic components also have their service life, such as MSASC75H45FV. Its life depends on its structure, nature and use environment, so do you know what kinds of electronic components after damage performance?

In the circuit, electronic components are also strong and weak, among which the resistance is the strongest, the resistance of semiconductor devices is the weakest, that is to say, semiconductor devices are more prone to damage.

In the troubleshooting components, you can give priority to checking diode, transistor, integrated circuit, etc., Generally speaking, semiconductor device damage is breakdown is more common, multimeter diode beep file measurement of these devices any two feet should also be a minimum PN junction resistance value of about 500, If not sure whether the beep is broken, you can remove the test to confirm.

In the circuit, if the working conditions of the components are high voltage, strong current, elevated power state, then the key components and functional components of the circuit are extremely easy to be damaged.

The way of component damage is overvoltage damage, overcurrent damage and mechanical damage. The first kind is like lightning strike, breakdown bridge rectifier, overvoltage damage from the appearance of the component is not visible change, but in fact the parameters have changed; ​and over current damage, such as the thermal breakdown of the display pipe, the surface temperature of the component is extremely elevated, and there are cracks, tiny pits and obvious changes such as discoloration, serious, the circuit board around the component will turn yellow and black.

Then the above is the related content of the performance of various electronic components after damage. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you need electronic components, please consult.

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