Metal stamping process​

Metal stamping processing belongs to one of the common areas of manufacturing, as the industry technology upgrade, monopoly has become the past, more and more technology into the open development, now pay more attention to the investment in processing power and technology research and development, stamping process is blanking, secondary processing, cleaning, packaging, the four steps, How to increase capacity and adapt to the production of more complex products is the key to foothold in the market. The following by the Precision Metal Stamping Companies analysis.

1, metal stamping processing technology under the material

In the industry, cutting is also known as preliminary processing, in the selection of metal raw materials after the scheduled production step, its key process is the sheet stamping molding, removing excess edge material, to achieve the set shape. In order to stabilize the product quality, improve the efficiency of production, now the factory uses automatic manipulator under the complete material and product to put more action, simple and repetitive work, machine can 24 hours non-stop operation, speed stability, replace the traditional manual labor problems, belongs to the welfare of the progress of science and technology, gradual emancipation of manual Labour.

2, metal stamping process of the second processing

There are 3 subdivisions: riveting, tapping, welding. Press riveting according to the results of the assembly part, the rivets installed to the punch fixed parts even if completed; ​tapping teeth are divided into multi-axis and single-axis, the former is suitable for smaller and simpler punching pieces, processing multiple products at a time, the efficiency is better than single-axis, and the latter is suitable for larger and more complex stamping parts, a single time to complete a product; ​welding is divided into manual welding and mechanical automatic welding, whose principle is similar to tapping teeth. The application products of manual precision welding are more complex, and the process requirements are high, such as high-precision seamless docking, hidden welding, etc., and the latter is suitable for basic welding, because the requirements are not high, machinery has more advantages than manual welding, so the production efficiency is faster.

3. Cleaning and packaging of metal stamping process

Metal stamping process​

Two kinds of cleaning methods are widely used in the industry: ultrasonic automatic cleaning and ionized water automatic spraying cleaning. The former uses the energy generated by ultrasound to impact on the surface of the punching part, falls off with the water flow, there is no damage to the product behavior, the latter uses the positive and negative electrodes generated by ionized water, the stain away from the stamping surface, plays a chemical role. Finally, according to the style and requirements of the product, different protection methods are adopted, packaging and shipping.

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