The ashtray is not easy to clean? Put this thing in and it will work immediately

Ashtrays are a must for many smokers and families, but the cleaning of ashtrays is not a small problem. The temperature of the soot is high, leaving marks on the inner wall of the cylinder, it is difficult to clean, and the smell is also very unpleasant. The ashtray is placed in the ashtray. When the window is opened or the electric fan is turned on, the ash will be blown everywhere as soon as the air circulates, making it more troublesome to clean up.

First, wash the ashtray with water, and then pour a small amount of water into it. Prepare another paper towel and spread it completely in the ashtray, not too thick, just let the paper towel be wet with water.

This way, when you smoke, you can press the ash or cigarette butt directly onto the tissue. In fact, the method and principle are very simple. Wet paper towels can effectively absorb soot and prevent it from flying into the air or other places, increasing unnecessary housework. If you don't want to smoke anymore, wet paper towels can also help us quickly extinguish the flames, which can also reduce fire hazards to a certain extent.

And when we need to clean the ashtray, we only need to take out the paper towels in it and throw it away, simply rinse it with water, and then replace it with a new paper towel according to the above method, and it will not leave difficult to wash Stains, this method is obviously more time-saving and labor-saving. In the same way, you can also directly use the wet paper towels bought in the supermarket to spread in the ashtray, the effect is similar, but the cost of wet paper towels is obviously higher than that of ordinary paper towels, so which method to choose can vary from person to person.

Of course, in addition to this, the ashtray should be cleaned every day. If it has not been washed for a long time and the soot has accumulated too much and it is not easy to clean, you can add a little vinegar to the sponge, and then use this sponge to wipe it, and it will be effective immediately. However, the most fundamental way is to smoke less or not to smoke, which can not only improve your physical condition, but also reduce the amount of housework for yourself, isn't it?

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