Male sex toys purchase and usage

Sex life is a part of enhancing the feelings between husband and wife. For adult men, in order to enjoy their sexual life more, or when there is no sexual partner, they can choose some adult male products. Nowadays, there are numerous male Sex toys in the adult product market, among which aphrodisiac delay, simulation, masturbation, lubricant, Sex Doll Head and SM products are the most popular and concerned. They have different functions according to different needs and efficacy, so that men can get more satisfaction in their sex life and reach orgasm. So what are the adult products for men? What are the different types and functions and the selection methods? Here's how to keep a man sexually active and proud.

Extended delay class
Help increase the size of the device

The negative pressure generator acts on the male reproductive organs to promote the dilation of the arteries, increase and accelerate the fluid flow, promote the rapid congestion of yinjing cavernosum, make yinjing erection quickly and achieve sufficient hardness

Side effects and attention: surface skin ecchymosis, petechiae, edema, pain, ejaculation difficulty, dark red, pay attention to choose the right model
Fine locking ring

The effect is to make the penis harder, which allows the man to go deeper, making the sex experience better

Side effects and attention: the semen can not be discharged, resulting in long-term pelvic congestion, the lower abdomen feeling bloated, resulting in hypertrophy or inflammation and reduced function, pay attention to clean the lock ring, reasonable control time, can be worn with lubrication fluid
Delay spray and wipes

The effect is 1. Increase the threshold of ejaculation stimulation, prolong the sex life time 2. Improve the male hormone secretion, fast erection firm not tired 3. Consolidate the gonadal system, supplement sexual energy 4. Enhance hormone production, quickly activate sexual dynamics 5. Accelerate the metabolism of the cavernous body, really relieve sexual fatigue 6. Effectively remove toxins, completely solve the sexual weakness

Side effects and attention: psychological dependence, resulting in fast feelings of influence, easy to lead to female sexual apathy, leading to androgenic diseases
1. If allergic phenomenon occurs, please stop using immediately, indicating that your body is not suitable for the type of spray you are using, you can use other types of spray. After allergy, erythromycin ointment and skin relaxing ointment can be applied once or twice. 2. Pregnant women and women preparing for conception are prohibited. 3, do not use the skin damage. 4, there are infectious diseases can not be used.

Simulation class
A sex doll that simulates a sex toy. It can take the place of a real person. Can also adjust the endocrine, from the root to solve the endocrine disorder caused by facial bumps, skin is not bright phenomenon

Choose and buy: beautiful appearance, quality touch, sound stimulation
Simulation inverted mold/female excellent name machine simulation inverted mold mainly through massage, vibration, swing, sound and other multi-functional stimulating sensitive areas, and the inverted mold feel better, and the internal structure is very lifelike

Use: disinfect first, then apply appropriate amount of lubricant, then insert and use, after use, it is best to use neutral lotion or shower gel for cleaning

Choose and buy: the general price is one hundred to six hundred, try to choose regular mall, beware of buying fake and shoddy products
Sex robot is an intelligent robot that meets people's sexual needs. Its appearance highly simulates human skin and body shape, and it can reflect human's language and actions like brain. For lonely people to chat and relieve boredom, to provide psychological satisfaction needs; Provide sexual satisfaction to those who need sex

Choose and buy: It is in the research and development stage and has not been released to the market

Class of masturbation
Airplane cup for men portable sex and health care variety, also known as the enlargement of physiotherapy cup, using its health care function to make male sexual organs play a health care role, to achieve the effect of increasing the thickness

Choose and buy: brand, brand value products are relatively more reliable; Can be purchased online, material, after sale, size need to be considered
Usage: Cup body upside down, open the lid, sponge out, cup body upside down, adjust the internal air according to your own habits

Prostate massagers expel inflammatory substances, promote drug absorption, and reduce disease recurrence

Choose and buy: Good material, fine craft, scientific design
Usage: After cleaning the anus, slowly insert the prostate shaft into the anus until the length is about 1-2 inches. Then the prostate shaft will automatically slide into the rectum and stimulate the prostate accurately

Class of lubricant
Introduction is not only to increase the lubrication effect, enhance sexual pleasure, let the sex life more harmonious, enhance the feelings between husband and wife; At the same time, it can also reduce skin damage and the chances of erosion by bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms

Classification Water-based lubricants, oil-based lubricants, silicon-based lubricants, pregnance-helping lubricants, organic natural lubricants, fruit-flavored lubricants hazards Generally speaking, as long as no adverse reactions are found in the use of lubricants, the regular use of water-based lubricants will not cause harm to the human body. However, some products containing oil flavors or other chemicals may cause genital mucosa or skin irritation

The longer the selected lubricant is drawn, the better the viscosity is. Rub a rub in the hand, rub the longer the time, the better the lubricating oil; There are many categories, the better ones are water (soluble) base lubricants and silicon-based lubricants

Unscrew the lid, extrude about 1 to 2 grams on your fingers, and then apply yinjing or Yindao to make it fully lubricated. It can also be used in yinjing guitou and root, and can be applied for a second time as required to make a kind of spice essential oil and human lubricant for long-term care and continuous moisturization. Sex use some spice essential oil can also reduce Yin dao to yinjing friction, make sex more lasting

SM Products
Sex handcuffs include one hand at your partner's wrist and one hand at the head of the bed. You can also choose to cuff both hands. Make sure the handcuffs are good

Fun whips are strong, soft and finely made, soft enough to tease and hard enough to lash. Make sure the whipped person is predisposed to it

Fun eye masks are used the same as normal eye masks

All you need to do is put the gag ball in your mouth, push it up behind your teeth, and then wrap the strap around your cheek and around the back of your head

The fun chair can move back and forth, the seat cushion can be up or down, 360 degrees positive and negative rotation, the backrest can adjust the Angle, can meet and adapt to different tastes of human needs

Male condom
Size is divided into large >53mm, medium 52±2mm, small 50±2, special small ≤49mm

Type thickness is divided into ordinary type, thin type, ultra-thin type; According to the shape, there are smooth surface type, large tip expansion, compact type; According to the processing is divided into particle type, thread type; According to the fragrance type, there are rose fragrance, osmanthus fragrance

Use unwrap and carefully remove the condom; Before wearing a condom, you should squeeze out the air in the seminal vesicle at the front end of the condom, and curl the part outside; Slowly stretch the condom to the end of the yinjing; After ejaculation, when yinjing is still erect, you should press the condom from the root of yinjing immediately and securely with your hand, and pull out yinjing as soon as possible

Choose the right size, choose a thinner one to feel better for men, look at the brand, preferably buy a small package, one to two years old condom

Therapeutic apparatus category
Male sexual function therapy instrument The instrument is for non-organic sexual dysfunction (such as functional impotence, habitual premature ejaculation, regular wet dreams, middle-aged and elderly sexual function decline, etc.) has rehabilitation treatment effect; It has adjuvant therapeutic effect on patients with organic disorders such as yinjing microsomia. Healthy men often use can zhuang root to help sex, not only promote its yinjing coarser growth, strengthen hardness, but also firm and durable, increase sexual interest, so as to improve the quality of sex life

Suitable for people: It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation, yinjing microsomia, atrophy in the middle-aged and elderly, non-bacterial chronic prostatitis. This product cannot be used for the treatment of organic diseases

Price: Different brands have different prices, the general price ranges from 1000-3000 yuan

Choose: Choose the traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory combined with the modern digital electronic technology of non-trauma new high-tech instruments of Chinese medicine. It integrates neuroelectrophysiological examination, Doppler ultrasound detection, sperm analyzer and other diagnostic analysis functions in one, massage the soft tissue of the prostate, and promote the reduction of prostate congestion and inflammation

Vacuum negative pressure suction therapy instrument is suitable for erectile dysfunction patients who are not willing to use sponge injection therapy or to accept surgical treatment in response to drug therapy. It can be used for the auxiliary treatment of cardiac erectile dysfunction. Vacuum negative pressure suction therapy is the only treatment that may be effective after the failure of prosthesis or vascular surgery

Disadvantages and hazards: Because there is no active cavernoplasty and vascular smooth muscle relaxation, yinjing's erection is passive, without certain pleasure; Some patients have slight bruising or ecchymosis of yinjing skin due to too much negative pressure

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