Furniture industry, can you still make money?

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Recently a friend asked me, want to do furniture, but also can make money. 'I don't know where to put my money right now,' he said. Real estate is going nowhere; The stock lost a lot of money; Want to get a shop surface, see the neighborhood open a down a miserable situation, scared hurriedly wu tight his money bag.

One day he was inspired, and he told me he wanted to start a furniture factory. The reason is that traditional manufacturing is just needed, how little.

I talked him out of his mind and into doing what he had to do.

In recent years, traditional industries are falling back and new ones are springing up. Subversion is too big, use dou Wentao's catchphrase - this is to change the sky!

If the market is as bad as it can be, do you dare to wade into the muddy waters of traditional industries?

Don't be a furniture supplier if you don't know how to manage

My friend started as a furniture factory. In the past, he was born with a good temper. Because he opened a furniture factory, he felt his temper increased by five degrees.

His wife said, today this worker does not want to work overtime temper, tomorrow that factory director rang rang to increase wages, the day before yesterday that just did a few days of 90, hit two days of packaging secretly away. Every day these people get older.

I mean, can't they fire you?

Friends beside helplessly said, now it is not easy to recruit, skilled old master difficult to recruit, young workers fault, can not endure the factory's bitter tired.

Management is difficult, more let bosses helpless is, salary rises year after year, off season, there is no income, keep live this help workers have been good.

If you're not a manager and don't know how to deal with workers, don't start a furniture factory. If one of the workers skips one day, you're gonna have to cover it.

Do not understand the channel of the furniture factory

Now open a factory, is far from the market that opened a factory to make money.

Factories are everywhere, but goods are hard to sell. Why?

Channels are now more and more scattered, e-commerce, dealers, soft decoration companies, wechat business, and always one day and a platform. Where do you sell it?

Each channel has its own characteristics, and if one is not grasped, it will be doomed forever.

Some friends open high-end furniture factories, e-commerce can not open sales, and offline shopping malls are not easy to sell these two years. No matter how good his product is, he is at a loss.

Also have a friend to do low-end furniture. But your price is low, and others are lower than you. Taobao is a lot of low-price explosion. His products can not form their own unique advantages, and the quality is unstable, but also worse year by year.

Therefore, if you are not a channel master, the various channels play not turn, suggest also do not touch furniture this string.

Don't open furniture factory with bad aesthetics

These days, it's easy to produce a piece of furniture, but not so easy to produce a hit.

The year before last popular American style, popular new Chinese style, popular light luxury last year, popular what this year?

If you don't have a dog's nose for fashion, it's hard to make money in this business.

Boom every year, and you will always be behind others copy, is always difficult to open the situation.

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