Estee 165CM - silicone material, adult products sex doll, high degree of imitation

Solomon - This is Solomon

My colleague came over and told me that he had recently bought something great and wanted to share it with me, which blew me away. life size silicone sex doll also sharable? Blame me for being conservative. But now I really appreciate my colleagues' generous sharing. I don't feel good. It is worth this price. Body SENSE, SUPER GOOD, COMPLETELY WRAPPED, THE degree of stimulation VARIES FROM PERSON TO PERSON, JUST RIGHT FOR ME!!

Paul - Netizen reply

Buy this BASICALLY see it is self-run do not want to wait for impatient, as expected the speed of production and logistics are very fast. The sex doll is much better than expected. It is the same as the pictures and videos sent by the seller. I like it very much. The workmanship is also very good. I just bought the smallest one because I was so strapped for cash. If you want more real or recommended to buy a bigger one, it will be more amazing.


Harvey - Online response

Sex dolls are very COST-EFFECTIVE!! The workmanship is more exquisite, especially the head carving detail explosion, and then setting the system is very high, you can freely choose the chest and height, standing and hair grafting, with many details. ​Overall, relatively satisfied, it is the light of domestic goods.

Bruce - netizen reply

​Really, it is not an exaggeration to tell you! This SKIN TENDER WITH CHILDREN is also very REAL. The skin texture is very clearly visible. The most important point to say the true words is nothing more than this. At first glance, I do not know that it is a real person. It is to buy a temporary. The 4th wife is very good.​

Aaron - Netizen reply

Sex doll Asian fine workmanship like a real person, feel particularly good, with some beautiful clothes lighting will have a very real feeling, especially the height and weight matching, especially a good sex doll is the standard figure, give the merchant a good comment.​

Claus - Online reply

After the use of the effect, let me feel very wonderful. It is the kind of long time I did not have the feeling, as if it is to let you back to young time will let the new confidence, and sex doll technology silica gel big praise, do very much like real things such as lines ah, ah, look, look, demeanor, too perfect, perfect!

- Netizens reply

Sex dolls are made up by hand, the charming eyes really attracted me deeply, even the texture of human skin touch can be mimicked, quite surprising, the range of joint rotation can also be used, can be a variety of poses.​

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