Technical parameters and important test standards of PE pipe hot melt butt

Technical parameters and critical testing standards of PE pipe hot melt butt,Let's learn about it together with HDPE pipe manufacturers.

1. ​Critical parameters of PE pipe hot melt docking process

PE pipe, its welding, if it is for hot melt docking, then there are some more critical process parameters, its specific is:

Heating plate temperature: refers to the surface temperature of the heating plate, which can be measured with a surface thermometer. However, it should be noted that the temperature of the heating plate should not only ensure that the end face of the pipe can be melted rapidly, but also ensure that the pipe fitting will not be explained because of the elevated temperature.

Welding pressure: is similar to the melting butt pressure, to force heating the pipe, so that the end surface of the uneven part can be removed, so that it is evenly heated.

Hem height: It is mainly used to measure the degree of pressurized heating, that is, the time that the heating pressure acts on the pipe section.

Heat absorption pressure: its value, is a tenth of the melting butt pressure. Its role is to avoid the phenomenon of PE pipe rebound, so as to make the pipe close to the heating plate, and improve the heating effect.

1a3534d9b4558769f2ab87bb9006fc732. What are the testing standards for PE pipe? Can the water supply pipeline be used for hot water transmission?

The testing standards for PE pipe, specifically speaking, mainly include the following, which are:

CECS282-2010: Technical code for engineering of high density polyethylene pipes for building drainage

CJ/T175-2002: Heat resistant polyethylene piping system for hot and cold water

CJ/T225-2011: Steel tape reinforced polyethylene spiral bellows for buried drainage

DB65/T2953-2009: Polyethylene hose for low pressure water transfer irrigation

PE pipe this kind of pipe, its water supply pipeline, in the applicable temperature, is below 40 degrees Celsius, thus, for hot water transmission, can not be carried out and completed. But for the delivery of tap water, it is totally possible.

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