Industrial computer case customized with sheet metal and the way to reduce customization deviation

​The industrial computer case is generally used in the case of poor environmental conditions. There is noise and dust in many places. The main board part is divided into two parts, bottom plate + card form. The IPC case has the advantages of anti-extrusion, anti-corrosion, anti-dust, anti-vibration, and anti-radiation. It is mainly used in severe environments. Next, let's take a look at the industrial computer box for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication and the way to reduce the customization deviation.

A, the material

The front panel of the chassis is made of ABS engineering plastics, which is strong and stable. If THE PLASTIC THAT BOX BODY USES IS NOT HARD ENOUGH, OR EASY FOLD OR BRITTLE, QUALITY CAN HAVE A PROBLEM FOR SURE. The plate should have at least 0.8 mm above, the material should be galvanized steel plate, large hardness and strong elasticity. If the thickness is not enough or slightly forced to bend, it is certainly not a good material.

fa47a96e41263ad3b251d04be6aa728eSecond, the production

1. See whether there are burrs and sharp edges on the steel frame. The industrial silver used for a long time in the case is often wrapped, at least after grinding, and will never let you get "hurt" when installing;

2, see whether the box frame is firm and stable. The simple way is to lift to shake hard, if there is shaking or even deformation, certainly not good goods;

3. Whether the internal processing is professional, such as whether there is a punching position on the box when the motherboard is installed, whether the size is matched, whether the driving slot and the position of the card are accurate, etc.;

4. See if there is any EMI contact, that is, there are many small protrusions around the side plate, which can reduce electromagnetic waves and benefit human health.

Ways to reduce customization deviation:

① Adopt special anti-clamping cavity.

(2) In the production process, often keep the cutting sharp and demagnetization.

③ Increase the cavity clearance.

(4) Choose abrasive tools with inclined tooth surfaces, rather than flat tooth surfaces.

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